News: 9 January 2013

“……..Personally if it wasn’t for the jodhpurs there’s nothing to commend the existence of horses to me and I’d be with the Frenchies and have them on the table rather than in the stable……”

Evening – well by now everyone should be back in the swing of work and the like. Likewise we returned to a familiar venue to set forth on our hash running for 2013. However, as is usually the case at Polesden Lacey, despite the familiar venue, it was anything but a familiar trail – read my run report. And hopefully Scooby Doo has recovered from his sprained ankle, ably assisted in his recovery as he was by the healing hands of Florence Nightingale aka Sparkly.

Tea Cosy has furnished us with the news this week that “New figures show library users in Surrey are clamouring for the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, like nowhere else in the country. Surrey residents now account for one fifth of all library borrowing of EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey”. See: which inevitably leads to the query of how many PH3 members are card carrying library members and furthermore just how many times Pis’t’man Pat loaned it during 2012!? Either that or the coalition has forced the closure of so many libraries elsewhere that Surrey’s figures are high as there’s only another 10 libraries left in the UK!

Another link this week from the omnipotent Tea Cosy to highlight to people that he and Heavenly Blonde and maybe others (?) are entering the G3 Series which are a sequence of 3 off-road runs over hilly terrain all starting and finishing at Newlands Corner. They start this weekend 19 January 2013 – 08.30 followed by 9 February 2013 – 08.30 and 2 March 2013 – 08.30. There’s still spaces available so see: for details.

This weekend on Sunday 13th January 2013, I – Hawkeye will be setting the run and have chosen The King William IVth in West Horsley. Directions on the website.

I hope to see you there. And no excuses for Tea Cosy to be late!

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