Run Report 1951: The Windmill, Ewshot.

Mind your language!

Scribed by Sparkly

AFAIK, the very first acronym I ever learnt was IQ.- I remember being told it was a really important test at school, which I failed, obviously, because I didn’t have enough of it to work it out by myself as we had not been taught about abbreviations and acronyms by that stage.

Since then life itself has become one long test in keeping up with an ever growing list of acronyms, designed I’m sure to keep people like me in my place, but of l8 there seems to have been a rash of them.  I’m sure parents of today’s generation of children must feel like they have to learn a new language.

So now add SANG to your vocabulary.  More about this l8r

Rocking up in time for Hawkeye’s MALTA (Most Attractive Locality To Access) were the following:

In the shape of MAN (Muscle-Activated Nonentity) were Robin Hood, ITB, and Wally, and in the shape of WOMAN (Watcher Over Man’s Absurd Notions) were Sparkly, Call Girl, Factor 30, Cynthia, & Easily Overlooked.  Walking ahead of us were Moondance and Robic, with Black Cat and TIFM arriving l8, making a TOTAL (Tot Overall Through A List) of 12 Hashers.

FYI the hare had  sent a WhatsApp photo of a qt shaggy calf we might see, then in our briefing, an explanation of what a SANG is – a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace.  Whatever were they called before?  Hawkeye said that the SANGs had completely changed his memory of the area from the last time we hashed here – way back in June 2012 when he set with TIFM in a still inebriated state from a Boys (Bloody Old Youths) only biking event.  I reckon he was in no fit state to take in the MALTA on that occasion, let alone remember it.

From the Tadpole Lane Car Park we set off in the general direction of  Church Crookham and soon found the first SIGN (Sure Indicator Generally Noticed) on a gate notifying us we were entering a SANG. Wally sniffed out the little detour off the well maintained paths, taking us past several WW2 pill boxes then Easily Overlooked led us almost all the way up to the junction with Naishes Lane. On looking at Google Maps, just across the road is the phenomenon known as Church Crookham & Fleet Men’s Shed  Who knew of such a thing?

We turned away just before Naishes Lane though and, spotting the aforementioned cuddly shaggy cows along the way, followed EO and F30 virtually back on ourselves almost all the way back to Tadpole Lane but further along.  We didn’t quite reach Tadpole Lane before we turned away again and wended our way through a lovely wooded area, exiting it at the Wakeford/Quetta Parks roundabout.

Not so hot on F30’s heels, Wally & Sparkly followed her, crossing over Beacon Hill Road, on to the first re-group.  Sparkly did a TIFM and wandered off to find the trail, then hung back until she could see them a looking in her direction and called On, getting the unexpected lead for 3 or 4 circles, heading out to Bourley Lake.  It was round about here that Black Cat caught up with us.

The climb up to Caesar’s Camp sorted out the wood from the chaff, leaving Robin Hood & Sparkly straggling behind, not helped by an un-kicked circle at the top.  The FRB’s were out of sight and we were out of mind – their minds, (and soon our own minds). Turning right and calling ‘Are you?’ we heard an answering call and gave pursuit, only to be dismayed by the sight of a sawdust cross a few yards further on. I can tell you there were no abbreviations or acronyms in my un-uttered language – all of it a  deep shade of blue!

The others got their rest at the 2nd regroup whilst waiting for RH & Sparkly (still spitting feathers and cussing) to catch up. Thereafter, the Garmin capture makes it look as though it was a long straight-forward route home, but Wally was bringing up the rear, making sure the circles were kicked out so no falsies show, but I imagine there were some.  The pack caught up with Call Girl and ITB, who had managed a short cut with perfect timing that brought them to a circle that hadn’t been kicked – because the FRB’s hadn’t reached it yet!  A lovely gently downhill trail brought us in right by the pub and home.

Verdict:  A proper Hash, beautiful countryside, (SANGs – now you know!) woods, ancient hill forts, heaths, views, lakes, (not 3 sides of a field, and another, and another!), soft under-foot, barely muddy, and although chilly to start with, the hare even divined dry, calm weather. It was nothing less than what we have come to expect of Hawkeye, and there remains plenty of scope for future hashes here.

In The Pub: It seems like we are getting back into the swing of being a ‘drinking club with a running problem’ or should that be a DCWARP?.  There was a while back there when I thought we’d forgotten what we were about.

  1. Those who wanted to were able to park at the pub.
  2.  We got to go inside, out of the cold
  3.  We got to sit together, in a cosy Covid forming huddle
  4.  We got served quickly –2 halves of cider sweetened Sparkly’s mood
  5.  We got chips, courtesy of the non chip-eating hare

Black Cat spared us no detail about his long Covid, whilst Hawkeye and TIFM pored over an ancient Surrey A to Z Atlas trying to figure out why TIFM missed the start point. Maps weren’t so accurately drawn on papyrus. Moondance’s impending ski-ing holiday was probably discussed – another sure sign life is getting back to normal. And this probably being his nearest pub, our old friend and scribe extraordinaire, ’80’, was fondly remembered by those who knew him.

Here’s a qt..a baby one!

P.S. If you are interested here is the difference between abbreviations and acronyms

Run Report 1939: East Horsley

“The Hare Apparent”

Scribed by Secret Squirrel

After the impressive turn-out for Call-Girl’s face-off with the Surrey Hash last weekend, it was a rather reduced pack that turned up this Sunday for ITB and Cynthia’s trail from East Horsley. As the “Shalford Bus”, driven by Easily Overlooked and carrying Dusty and Secret Squirrel (your scribe for this week), drew into the car park behind the shops there was concern that we might be in the wrong place as there were no other hashers in sight. But then we spotted Wally lurking in his car in the corner, and soon afterwards Wurzel rolled in followed by Hawkeye, and when Tea-Cosy ran in a magnificent 7 had formed.

Next our hares strolled in, looking relaxed and calm, and ITB confessed he had already been home for a shower. Cynthia opted to run with us, which was reassuring to those who remembered giving up on one of her trails from this location a few years ago because it was taking us too long to find the way. There was no briefing to speak of, every question we asked elicited a negative reply – “Marked falsies? No” – “Regroup? No” – “Back-checks? No (probably)” – and it would not be too long either. So, just a couple of minutes late (without Sparkly to keep us on our toes we had become a touch too relaxed) we set off up the road towards Horsley Towers.

Since most of the pack of 7 were dedicated Pis’to’ffen runners we duly made a right hash of the first circle (and even left it ambiguously kicked). I think Dusty turned back from the correct route before he reached the first blob of flour (I was way up the footpath to the left at the time) so we probably got help from our hare apparent (*) before heading east up Pennymead Drive. This was significant because, unbeknown to us, Virgil & Venus had gone to the wrong carpark by the Village Hall and by the time they had worked out their mistake we had disappeared. They then wasted a lot of time at this same first circle, feeling themselves misled by the way it was kicked, and so never caught up with us.

Heading on up through the still more rarified housing of Pine Walk, our front runners were tempted into the woods at the far end, but the canny ones watched Cynthia as she waited at the next circle and took the hint to head west instead. So began a game that was to be repeated quite a few more times, as we tried to get clues from our hare when the evidence on the ground seemed lacking. We managed to find our own way back to Ockham Road and TC led us south towards the Duke of Wellington, but it was Hawkeye who found the clever dodge around the back of the pub and out onto the A246. We all agreed on the turn to the west but Dusty then lost out with a brave trip towards The Sheepleas and Hawkeye lost ground exploring West Horsley Place, leaving TC to take us across the meadows towards East Horsley before calling a voluntary regroup. Here we discussed the several uses to which West Horsley Place has been put, including a TV series (Ghosts) and an opera house, capped, I think I heard, by Cynthia talking about some star singing in her attic (but I may have got that wrong and in any case there was no mention of luncheon vouchers).

The next few circles did a great job in shuffling the pack as nobody was able to keep the lead for long, EO and Wurzel showing short-lived promise. My own effort at the north end of the village merely allowed me to recce the pub for later, moving me from 2nd to 7th in one simple failure. But then Cynthia tipped me the wink a moment later, as the main pack missed a sneaky left turn, putting me neatly back into 2nd (Hawkeye, of course, got this bit exactly right and was well out of sight at the front). Heading north along Silkmore Lane, I made the foolish mistake of trying to stay ahead of TC for as long as possible before the inevitable blow-out brought me to a halt at the next circle. This one had us all foxed, Hawkeye had had time to explore all possibilities at least twice, including a hostile “Private” sign on an obvious path, an electric fence across another, and a total lack of flour on the onward track, so an involuntary regroup ensued. Even Cynthia looked lost for a moment, but then she led us further north and pointed us into a field to our right just where Hawkeye had given up earlier. This was a rare treat as we were able to run on new footpaths created in “Horsley Meadows”, a new community park with great views to the south and west.

We emerged onto Long Reach and felt the strong draw of the direction towards our start/finish point, south across what Google calls “The St”, up Lollesworth Lane to recross the railway line, and then home along that narrow tarmac path beside the railway. I was way too far behind to see who took line honours but it must have been between TC, H and D as EO was with me and the two W’s were behind us. Who cares? It’s not a race, but it had been a very good run for all of us.

The two V’s rolled in about 5 or 10 minutes after us. We don’t know what had been said between them about the carpark error, but marital harmony appeared to have been restored by the time we saw them. They were able to have a joint moan about our “checking chicken” and that first circle, there’s nothing like having a common enemy to bring folks together!

Verdict: This was an excellent run. A good distance, not too hilly, and with enough uncertainty to keep us together. We were grateful for Cynthia’s presence to keep us on track a few times, but I think we were all happy with the outing. I don’t think the nervous residents of either Horsley village will be querying the strange white powder outside their gates because there wasn’t enough of it to interest any dog. Thank you, Cynthia and ITB, we appreciated your efforts.

At the Pub: It was agreed that we would head to the Barley Mow at East Horsley (which I had already passed twice during the run) where Cynthia claimed that 5 bowls of chips were already on order. A quick head count indicated that, with a little luck, we could be in for half a bowl of chips each. With both hares and a full team of runners we were able to sit at a table inside and enjoy Shere Drop and Ranmore Ale (except for the lager, wine and coffee drinkers – really, is this a “drinking club with a running problem”?).

Despite the prior order, we had to wait a long time for the promised chips, but it was definitely worth the wait as they were soon voted the best chips of the year. Maybe the landlord held them back until Tea-Cosy arrived, because he ran home for a shower first! The pub dog looked almost old enough to be a member of the Surrey Hash, and there was lots of hammering going on outside as some sort of outdoor drinking space seemed to be under construction. Conversation turned to old phantoms and other hash groups, Super and Dissa were recalled with affection and Popeye with bemusement, while ITB recounted tales of visiting an Amsterdam Hash. Meanwhile some competitive bravado was displayed with increasing quantities of mustard being spread on the last few chips – no names mentioned here.

* Hash Joke: What is the connection between Prince Charles, a bald-headed man, an orphan and a gorilla? Answer – one is the Heir Apparent, another has no hair apparent, the next has ne’re a parent, and the last had a hairy parent!

Run Report 1935: The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common.

Scribed by Sparkly

Where IS everyone…?

There’s your trainers waiting expectantly by the front door – don’t even think about ignoring them!

It’s going to be great, whatever the weather.  All that beautiful countryside, the flush of clean air ballooning your lungs, your bright oxygenated blood coursing through your veins, feeding your muscles, urging your body on – up that hill, down that dale, winding through the forest, taking in the views, catching up with friends, yet also getting time to be in your own head.

This is what is to be a Hasher, this is what Robic, Trip Advisor, Wurzel, Call Girl, TIFM, Wally, Sparkly and Sorry John knew and know, safe in the knowledge also that Virgil & Venus would have crafted a great trail for them.

We paid scant attention to Virgil’s declaration that it would not be a hilly run, (in the Surrey Hills? Yer, right!), and left promptly sans TIFM, frantically searching for his van keys.  This meant he couldn’t lock his vehicle and Venus was given the task of supervising it for the duration of the run

Sparkly snaffled the first falsie, therefore it had to be through the churchyard and out beyond – familiar territory, with Robic leading us out to The Volunteer, where we caught up with short-cutting Call Girl.  Following her we soon learned she was on a false trail, despite the fact that she’d been given a map of the route.  That left only one definite way it could be – turn right at the junction, cross over the road and up the steps to the infamous steep and narrow path that cuts through Telly Tubby Land. On out towards Sutton Place, which if you look at a map comprises of around five different roads or drives, all named the same!

Sparkly and Robic fell foul of one of the wrong ones and Trip Advisor took up lead towards nearly as many drives/roads called Franksfield!  Glad I’m not a delivery driver in that neck of the woods!

We paralleled the Radnor Road along Riding Bottom, a somewhat open area that was dry and hot and which reduced most of the pack to a walking/jogging pace for a while then veered off in the direction of Holmbury St. Mary to our Regroup.  By this time it was extremely noticeable how few people were out and about, no dog walkers at all, one other lone runner, and we’d seen only 2 cyclists near the Volunteer.  It felt like something serious had happened in the world that we didn’t know about – reminiscent of that weird all encompassing silence as the events of 9/11unfolded.

Knowing Virgil’s penchant for challenging us, Wally was convinced that the route was going to take us out towards St. Belmont’s School and reckoned we had another 2 miles still to go! Robic alone chose the falsie from the regroup, then got caught out again at the next two circles.  It fell to Wurzel to lead that charge for a while then Trip Advisor found the route skirting round to the west of Holmbury, on out to Felday Houses, Pasture Woods, across the jungle maize field and home.

Verdict: Considering there was only 5 of us in the main group (Call Girl & Sorry John doing their own thing, and TIFM somewhat delayed), the hares did a remarkable job of keeping us all together, though I dare see there was also a degree of group consideration going on for the ‘old girl’, Sparkly, who was in danger of getting left behind at times, but the circles gave her time to catch up and stay with them, and she gratefully appreciated all Robic’s effort in checking out the vast majority of the falsies.

It was a pity that so few attended – our participation numbers are poorer than during the lockdowns, and we can’t use ‘August’ as an excuse!  It’s not clear what’s stopping people – if you run, you’re a runner.  It doesn’t matter how fast or how far.  There is no test to pass, to license to earn, no membership card to acquire, and for Pistoffen Hash House Harriers, no fee to pay.  You just run!  And some kind people lay trails for us in our beautiful countryside!  What’s not to like?  So come on – park those trainers by the front door on a Saturday night – you know they need a good outing!

At the Pub:  Virgil & Venus secured us a couple of tables out by the road where non-diners were banished to, and if you couldn’t pay by card for your drinks you didn’t get served.  Fortunately we all got to eat our Hash chips and sup our drinks but a posse of kilt-clad prospective diners, who looked like they were on a John O’ Groats to Lands End hike and were a long way off course seeking lunch, were sent off with a flea in their ear, presumably for the temerity of expecting too much without a booking!  They were last seen hiking hopefully towards the Wotton Hatch.

Run Report 1934 Hammer Vale, Hindhead

Scribed by Sparkly

High road, or Low road,, or any road but THAT road?

Parking looked as though it was going to be problematic when Wally & Sparkly first arrived at the already full Knockhundred park.  We nudged up onto the bank just past the entrance.  Slowly but surely however, as the September sun rose towards its zenith, the previous occupiers were led back to their cars by their dogs and departed, creating enough parking in the end for  the somewhat reduced showing for Hash 1934. 

Ensuring that Hawkeye’s efforts on our behalf were not in vain were Uphill Gill, Trip Advisor, Virgil, Venus, Secret Squirrel, who brought along his daughter ‘New Angela’ to savour the delights of a PH3 Sunday outing, Wurzel, and the GMs.  Sorry John had secured his parking space earlier and was already out on the trail.

Hawkeye completed his setting of the Hash with time to spare and brought Sorry John back with him – the first indication that things could go badly wrong.  Sorry John had no way of knowing, but the GMs & the Hare had prior warning of ‘complications’ from Chastity Belt, who, despite her, tag is a somewhat promiscuous Hasher since she spreads herself out amongst GH3, PH3, Haslemere and Surrey, but always with the aptly named His Knees Are Buggered as her escort.  We had learned from Chastity that Haslemere (H4) were also setting in the same area, but from The Prince of Wales Pub, our choice of refreshment venue post Hash.

On learning about this a few days before, communications between the 2 Hares ensued where Hawkeye learned that the H4 Hare would be setting in ‘hemp derivative’ which caused a bit of brain fog; none of us could even imagine what it looked like.  Thus it was that Hawkeye had to make extra special efforts on our behalf – which he briefed us about.  He showed us his fresh, pristine pet-bedding sawdust, then a photo of their Pot….sorry..Hemp, which looked very similar – and we shook our heads.  How was this going to work?  ‘You have to look carefully’, he said, ‘the texture of theirs is more ‘stick-like’ like shredded matchstick’. He declared that he had tried to steer as far away from their route as possible, but inevitably there was going to be some clashes, and that he’d laid his sawdust on the right – emphatically always on the right…except for when it was on the left!

With trepidation (and without any magnifying glasses to help us distinguish between the different media), we set off.  Whatever might happen, it was a beautiful Indian summer’s day to be out in the countryside doing what we love.

Crossing the road from the car park we made our way out towards and along High Pitfold road which took us under the A3.  There was a bit more road along Kingswood Chase before we could leave the black-top behind and enjoy the cooling shade of Kingswood Firs, with Virgil doing a sterling job of checking out most of the falsies for us.  As a pack we arrived at the re-group point at Waggoners Wells together, except for Virgil and Venus who hadn’t spotted it.  Venus was out of sight and earshot, but Virgil returned from a falsie questioning why we had stopped.  Quickly rested we set off in pursuit of Venus, only to find her coming back from a falsie too.  It was not long after that she decided she would let others check them out and take her rest.  New Angela, Uphill Gill and Secret Squirrel variously took it in turns to find the way.

We circumambulated Cooper’s Stream and headed back towards Bramshott Common.  Just before passing under the A3 again we came head-to-head with H4, some of them looking a little perplexed.  It was comforting to know that they also had to be diligent about which markings they were following. The familiar territory of the Canadian War Memorial soon appeared, a favourite of our Hare, but still we could not second-guess him as to the direction he would take us.  According to the Garmin capture it appears we passed within 400 metres or so of the thirst quenching Prince of Wales pub before heading home.

Verdict: This must have been a testing Hash for the Hare to set trying to avoid the same territory being used by H4, but he did a great job, because for the most part we did not stray onto their route, even though we found the evidence of it, apart from Virgil & Venus, who repeatedly called us On on one occasion, but let’s just say that we took the high road, whilst they took the low road…and though none of us got to Loch Lomond, V & V found and followed H4’s route for a while!  Well done and Thank you, Hawkeye – no-one strayed or got lost.

In The Pub: The pub car park was full yet there was hardly anyone in the pub or garden.  Sparkly overheard the barmaid explaining the reason to a young family that it was a Running Club who had promised 6 cars and showed up in 14 cars and a minibus!  As I was ordering drinks and chips for our runners she asked me accusingly if I was from the Running Club?  ‘Yes’, I said, ‘but not that one – a different club, and there is only 8 of us and we have had to park outside’.  Hawkeye managed to claim 2 benches for us outside to enjoy the sun and sup our Hops Head, Fosters, Cider etc and chips – chatted about various Park Run achievements…and were joined by a short-cutting H4-er…it so felt like old times!  We’re back, quiet August is behind us, so come on, seek out your trainers, join back in!  You know PH3 is a great way to stay fit…put it this way – just as we were thinking of leaving, H4 started to turn up – a full 2 hours after setting off!

Run Report 1931: Puttenham Upper Car Park

Scribed by Sparkly

In every cloud there is a Silver Lining

Parking up early in the Top Car Park, Wally, Call Girl and I looked out the car windows with dismay at the relentless stair-rods of rain and pondered….

Not for the first time I said out loud  “ Wouldn’t it be just awful if a hare had dutifully set a Hash for us in this abominable weather and no-one showed up to run it”

Nah!  Perish the thought!  Such a travesty could not be allowed to happen!  We were there, even if somewhat reluctantly, and resolved to ensure the Hare’s efforts were rewarded with attendance and participation.  Fortunately, Dusty, Easily Overlooked, Robin Hood, Satisfaction Guaranteed (with her dog Stig), and Scooby Doo thought so too.

We were encouraged by the fact that Too Bright herself didn’t actually look  totally soaked and convened for a short briefing in which she advised us that it was set in flour in GH3 style, with a couple of marked falsies only.

Too Bright knows the area very well, and whilst a number of paths were quite familiar to some of us, others were not and she devised a great Hash for us.  She ran behind us, in case of vandalism to the route markings, but there was none and even the rain hadn’t managed to wash them away.  The Rain Gods seemed to have taken pity on us as it had stopped pelting down and we were afforded a great deal of shelter by the tree canopy. 

Depending on personal preference we circumvented or ran directly through several puddles.  When the Hare said ‘This next path is the wettest’ I braced myself, expecting to have to splosh through unavoidable quagmires but in fact she was referring to the unruly path-clogging tall ferns that duly tangled with and soaked our limbs, but which actually felt quite refreshing.

Dusty & Easily Overlooked were racing one another and though I could often hear EO’s ‘On On’ calls, it was not always easy to discern the direction they had come from, so it left Robin Hood and Scooby Doo still taking falsies, with me blindly following them sometimes too.

Call Girl took a couple of short-cuts, but her 2nd one proved to be a long cut for the Hare; as we emerged from the forest heading back home we realised that Call Girl was not with us, so Too Bright retraced her steps to find her whilst I waited for a while.  Eventually I set off again feeling secure that our errant Hasher would be found, but found myself on my own by now, missed a turn to the right, then came across a circle that wasn’t kicked, took what turned out to be the correct way, but on not finding any flour retraced my steps to the circle when TIFM appeared!  He headed on downwards, and preferring not to be on my own I kicked the circle that way and followed him.  We soon found that we knew where we were – heading home, but not On!

And who should be calmly waiting with the other returnees when we got back?  Call Girl! From her short cut, she’d found the trail and carried on, but neither the Hare nor those of us at the back knew that she’d done that.

Verdict: Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this run, so many thanks Too Bright, for setting us such an interesting Hash.  We were grateful to have an excuse to get out and blow the damp cobwebs away, and to ensure your efforts were not in vain.

In The Pub: Yes, you read that correctly – ‘In The Pub’! The Silver Lining of the day!

Pre-Hash there had been a discussion as to whether we would attempt to visit a Pub afterwards, and the consensus was that we would.  We took a vote on whether it be the Good Intent, or the Cyder House.  The Good Intent won, but then it transpired that the Hare wanted to try the Cyder House as she had never been there.  Decision made, we headed for Shackleford.  Parking was the usual issue, and though the Pub was very busy inside and in the sheltered patio, we managed to find seating out in the small garden – practically in the Car Park. 

Oh, boy, did it feel good?  Normality!  Ciders & beers and socialising in (at)a Pub!!!  And chips!  Courtesy of Easily Overlooked.  Thank you, Ruth.

Something else!  It felt really special to be in that group of Hashers who were there for the great ‘Return to Normality’ event!  Sorry that the rest of you missed it.

Scooby Doo mostly provided the entertainment, keeping us abreast of his latest exploits – life, the universe (ity) and his love life, whilst Too Bright, in true gardener style, grounded him and us with healthy dose of reality.

Hash 1924: Ludshott Common Road

Better late than never…

Scribed by Sparkly

Those that parked on time at Ludshott Common Car Park, namely Robic & Moondance, Cynthia & In The Bum, Too Bright & A-List, Wally, Sparkly, & Call Girl, Pistman Pat, Robin Hood, and Wurzel, began to wonder why TIFM had been seen running along the Headley Road, but could see no sign of his van, nor any sign of the hare’s vehicle either.  Never mind, we were early enough for Cynthia to open up her free Greengrocer’s store and offer Mother Nature’s best to any who wanted it.  Lovely fresh broad beans, mange tout, broccoli lettuce, spinach, coriander and mint were there for the taking.  After some time we began to wonder about our location – Sparkly & Moondance set off in search of sawdust but found no evidence.  Pistman Pat got on the blower to the hare and revealed that we were at the wrong car park – something had got lost in translation between the hare and the GM when figuring out the directions.

We all trundled back towards Grayshott to turn severely right into Ludshott Common Road – immediately next to Waggoners Wells Road and arrived at a little secret car park no-one except the hare knew of.  White Van Man’s vehicle was there in all it’s glory, as was the hare, waiting patiently for his pack.

Hawkeye must have been mightily relieved to see us, given that his briefing pointed out how the road we had driven along was at the top of a ridge and that either side of it was steep and there was nothing he could do about that, but he had obviously covered all that ground when setting and wanted us all to ‘enjoy’ his efforts!. He offered a short-cut to Call Girl & In The Bum, and was informed that Georgia and Tom would be turning up at some point possibly needing the short-cut too.  Suitably forewarned about altitude we set off just a few minutes later than the 11am start time.

Sparkly had gained a bit of a ‘heads up’ by having seen TIFM earlier on the Headley Road, and apart from a couple of little falsies led the way out past Grayshott Hall and across the road, hotly pursued by Robin Hood whom, Robic alleged later, was sprinting to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.  About a mile or so in Sparkly was feeling a bit like Billy No Mates and relinquished the lead just in time for the first of several inclines. Thereafter it was mainly Robic and/or Moondance taking the lead and showing the rest of us the way through some fabulous woodland paths and the promised steep inclines and declines.  Robic had time to do a full stretch class whilst waiting for the stragglers to join her at the re-group.  It was then we discovered we had been joined by other late-comers, Prince Charming & Cinderella, and Birthday Boy 3s4d & Lady Chatterley.  We serenaded 3s4d with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ as he struggled up with his hangover from the night before.

Setting off again, we delighted in the hollow sound from the earth below as we navigated one part of the woodland but I can’t tell you if this was before or after we emerged out onto the side of the playing fields at Grayshott.

We re-crossed the B1002 and headed towards Waggoners Wells, seeing increasing pools of water on our right but never quite made it that far – the way Home beckoned just before the first of the larger pools.

Verdict: Wally reckoned that he had not run any of those paths before, but I think we must have, just not recognised them, because this is a favourite haunt of Hawkeye’s – he has set many a Hash from the public car park in Grayshott near the War Memorial.  Whatever, this was my favourite type of Hashing – loamy woodland, twisty-turning paths and very little mud, although my heart and lungs were fit to burst on some of the steep climbs.  Surprisingly few people about too, though one or two circles had been vandalised

After The Hash: 3s4d regaled us with his early Birthday celebrations that left him feeling under the weather.  Whilst the rest of us milled around drinking tea/coffee/whatever…and scoffed his Birthday cake, 3s4d had to sit down in his fold-up chair.  Apparently it was the spices from the night before’s dinner that did for him..ahem!! 

Run Report 1918: Albury Heath Cricket Ground

I Am Here, And I Count…

Scribed by Sparkly

It was a small tally of the party faithful:  

Call Girl, Sparkly, Factor 30, Wally, Uphill Gill, Paul Newman, Venus, Trip Advisor, & Pistman Pat

Walkers: Hipless, TIFM, Sorry John

Later:  Robic & Georgia

Your unelected officials were spared the exposure to the recent Arctic winds on the recent polling day by having a postal vote, but along with everyone else we have endured that seemingly endless battle for quite some time. Sunday provided the first opportunity in a long time to bare some skin, with warmer temperatures and a gentle breeze prompting the exposure of unclad legs and arms

Call Girl and Sparkly voted to set off earlier than the 11am roll-call, knowing we would be over-taken at some point.  We hadn’t had the benefit of a campaign from the Hare, thankfully, as apparently he did his best to misdirect the main cohort by listing the possible places the route would take in; Shere, St.Martha’s, Abinger, Baku…and indeed it transpired later that this subterfuge certainly worked on one hapless hasher.

We didn’t have to delegate – a fair division of labour ensued naturally for Sparkly and Call Girl – at least to start with – each taking it in turn to explore the falsies. Having wound our way through Albury Warren, Sparkly led the way out of the woodland and emerged out onto a field leading down to the railway line. As Call Girl caught up all she could see was Sparkly lying prone on the grass, causing just a little concern.  However all was well – the field was covered in a stunning carpet of tiny mauve flowers and getting down low was the best way to appreciate the display and to take a photo which Call Girl duly obliged. 

Heading down to Ford Farm, Sparkly had trouble opening the rail-crossing gate, hauling the lever every which way except upwards, as indicated by the strikingly obvious big bright yellow upward pointing arrow!  X marks the spot, as they say!  At the farm, Call Girl went left and Sparkly right but it took both of us quite some time to settle on the correct route. Heading west and parallel with the stream, Sparkly found a few blobs of sawdust then no more, nor a cross.  Call Girl had not returned so I retraced my steps expecting to see her soon, but she did not appear.  However, I was not convinced she would be on the correct trail and ventured forth again, going farther still, but still no sawdust.  Back again and eventually Call Girl appeared.  She had missed a cross and only seen it on her return. Lucky for us, because it was here that mayhem ensued for the main group later.  If Call Girl had gone just a little further on that falsie she would have found a circle, which the main group DID find, having not spotted the cross either!  Those that went right were called back by the Hare and returned back through the cross to the footpath close to Ford Farm heading West, but Paul Newman had turned left and didn’t hear the call, eventually finding himself back at the car park, but only about a third of the way into the run! 

Pressing on, with sawdust more scarce than an absent councillor, Call Girl and Sparkly aimed for Blackheath Lane eventually finding a blob or two just before the road.  We resolved to try and count the number of ‘reveries’ Robin Hood had wandered off into that possibly explained the lack markings.  Sparkly had sussed that the route would have to be anti-clockwise and tried to turn left onto Blackheath Lane, but no, that was clearly too soon.  Instead we followed the cut through to Postford Farm Cottages, (yes, those of infamy where the residents like to vandalise our Hash markings) and it was en route that we met Hipless walking in the opposite direction.  After pondering for a moment or two we and she realised that she was walking the route backwards and managing very well indeed despite the sawdust being hidden behind trees!

It was a no brainer to turn sharp left at Postford Farm because Hipless had mention the fantastic display of bluebells and Sparkly knew where they would be. Once into Blackheath the urge to turn right uphill was irresistible and sure enough we were treated to a beautiful display.  It was the photo-opportunity here that enabled front runner Factor 30 to catch us up, but we marvelled at the extent of her lead – there was no-one else in sight, even though she was calling ‘On On’ like a good trooper. Unbeknownst to us, the others got held up by Paul Newman phoning Uphill Gill and between the explanations as to how he went wrong, and where they were now, they lost Factor 30.  They also lost Pistman Pat, but that was because he decided to short cut out to Blackheath Common.

Just as Factor 30 led Call Girl and Sparkly out into the open heath, we espied Pistman Pat ahead of us. His short-cutting misdemeanour caught him out a few circles later when he took what he assumed to be the correct way but was a falsie and the long way round to boot.  Soon after, the rest of the main group caught us up and led the way through the Common back onto the footpath that goes under the railway line where they had all gone wrong on the way out.  From there the circles were kicked out for us so it was a straightforward run for home, where we saw that TIFM and Sorry John had also been out.  A tired Paul Newman limped in last, having started again after his unintentional re-route, he was the front runner in his own one horse race!

Verdict:  A bit like the recent local elections, you never can tell which way it is going to go, and whilst some folks are liberal with their markings, others labour under the impression that they should be more conservative.  Also, it takes either a very brave or a very hapless person to run twice (Paul Newman) In this particular instance there were significant losses but ultimately we all gained, if not a seat at least a breath of fresh air and a spring in our step. So thank you Harry, you got my vote – it was a lovely route enjoyed by all and the floral displays were spectacular.  As to the number of times the Hares’ mind wandered off track Call Girl & I counted more times than the names on a ballot paper.

After Hash:  Uphill Gill provided a generous quantity of her homemade flapjacks which are fast becoming a Hash essential for that post run sugar hit.  The benefit of having so few attendees this week was that we all got at least two each! Pistman Pat proved he can multi-task – whilst chatting away telling us about his plans for the afternoon and his move to Somerset he simultaneously wrote and sent an email to Wally volunteering to set a Hash for us at the beginning of June. Impressive! His companion for the afternoon was going to be an old friend with a van who is/was seriously into elections, allegedly, especially at Albury Cricket Ground.

Run Report 1913: Westcott Village Green

Eggs-tra  Terrestial!

Scribed by Sparkly

When the hare-mail went out last Wednesday with the details of this, our first Hash back since Lockdown 10.158, we couldn’t predict the response.  How were we going to tempt people to venture forth to Westcott Village Green?  After all, the competition was tough when contemplating where to go this Easter – The Living Room, The Bedroom, The Tool Shed perhaps?  Luckily, being a week too early for the re-opening of the re-tail stores and the promise of some hare-obic eggs-ercise some bunnies were coaxed out from their hutches into the crisp and sunny Big Blue Yonder.

Hopping along for their adventure at various times were Call Girl,  Wally & Sparkly, Cynthia & ITB, Secret Squirrel, Robin Hood, Factor 30, Wurzel, 3s4d and Lady Chatterley, Easily Overlooked, Robic and Moondance with Georgia & a hungover Tori Party Girl.  Parking was at a premium, but one benefit of the lockdown was that people could park at the Church.  Scoobydoo roared up last, his car belting out Hip-Hop music.

The Hares who had hatched the route for the day, Virgil & Venus, were lolloping about, nibbling at their post trail-setting snacks and, with a nod from them in the direction of the Bakery, at 10:45 sharp the first fluffle, comprising mainly of grey hares (we oldies) set off.  The Bakery was open, the smell of Eggs-presso tempting us, but we were not to be diverted.  Soon enough though, at the first circle, Sparkly guessed correctly and left the re-ceding hare line behind for about 6 or so circles.  The devious route took us back across the A25 upwards in the direction of the Bury Hill Fisheries but cut westwards back towards the A25, then South along the Rookery.  Secret Squirrel had joined Sparkly by this time as they pressed onwards in the direction of the Wotton Hatch, emerging back onto the A25 to cross over and go steeply downhill.  SS got the lead whilst Sparkly was checking out a falsie in the direction of the Church.  All was quiet here, but later, when Wally & co came through one of the Belted Galloways that had subsequently claimed the spot belted Wally in the rear for his cheek! Or maybe it was a slobbery wet nosed kiss – who knows?

At Vale Farm we followed the woodland path out to the agricultural fields where we encountered the first of significant vandalism to the sawdust blobs.  Whilst SS and Sparkly were to-ing and fro-ing along the same path checking for further evidence of a trail, Cynthia checked out another trail where eggs marked the spot from which she had to return.  In the meantime, Robin Hood stole away very quietly on the correct trail, before getting caught at the next circle. 

From there it was inexorably upwards over the railway line (though we still did try to deviate away from it) then parallel to it.  We realised that we would eventually have to cross the railway line again, but when the opportunity came, we couldn’t clearly see the trail.  Cynthia hung back high up on the hill above whilst Robin Hood, SS & Sparkly sought the trail, eventually finding sawdust hidden behind the stile on the other side of the crossing, at the bottom of the steps.   We next found ourselves in a shady glade with stepping stones over a little brook and one lonesome blob of sawdust.  Whilst Cynthia, Robin Hood and Sparkly searched for the route, SS used the Eggs-press unmarked lane adjacent to the fence and stole a march on the rest of us.  He allowed us to catch up a little by doing a falsie at Pipp Brook, but not sufficiently to give up the lead, and romped home to claim Line Honours.  We were very pleased that we’d managed to stay ahead of the next fluffle.


What an Eggs-tra terrestrial trail this was!  Brutal – for the first one back, – all those grinding hills,  baked earth paths, and long – over 6 miles on the Sparkly-o-meter, and Factor 30 covered over 7 miles!  Eggs-hausting!  Not so for Wally – as Check-in Chicken he’d marked the circles at the request of Robic, because ‘the family are not used to running all the falsies’!!  They then had the temerity to over-take him and his fluffle!  So a race was on – well done Wally!  What a cheek!  We won’t fall for that one again!  Virgil & Venus – this was such a treat, despite its challenges, and I know for a fact that every bunny was delighted with it – thank you both so very much!  We couldn’t have wished for better weather, either – it was glorious.

After the Hash:

As per the Covid rules it was a sort off socially distanced convention on the green, comprising of family groups, support bubbles, and everyone else trying their best to ‘mind the gap’.  The Hares kept us sweet by rewarding us with a Crème Egg each, all greedily devoured as fast as you could say Happy Easter, followed by some healthy bunny greens, courtesy of Cynthia! There was some illegal activity – people doing stretching eggs-ercises.   That’s just not the ‘done thing’ in Hashing!  Luckily, when the Police drove by they didn’t see them being chastised by the traditionalists for the error of their ways, otherwise some of us could have been arrested for hare-assment!   And some amongst us will never be able to forget the (ahem – cough!) vision of some extra ‘eggs’, just, you know, hangin’ loose in an unrestrained kind of way!  Definitely an arrest-able offence but we were too boring for the Police to be interested in us.

Run Report 1910: St.Martha’s Guildford Lane Car Park:

 ‘It’s the brutal days that make the good ones sweet’                              

Scribed by Sparkly

As Storm Bella huffed and puffed, and we kept our backs to our rain-lashed windows, some of us were looking for motivation to participate in the Hash on Sunday.   Venus, wedged into her sofa from Christmas excesses took to WhatsApp seeking reasons why she should, and Sparkly responded with the guilt inducing ‘Because the hare will be out there setting a run for us’!  No escape there then!  Things looked a lot brighter when Pistman Pat declared that there was blue sky, the sun was shining and he and Cheetah had set the Hash in shirt and shorts only (Postman style!).  Thus we were rewarded for our consideration of the Hares’ efforts – or so we thought!

Heads up from intent Hashers came via WhatsApp from Easily Overlooked + friend, Robic, Factor 30, Venus, Cynthia & ITB, Call Girl & Sparkly, but of course, we didn’t know if we would see any of them.  We did, however, spot Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Matilda in the car park.

Early instructions were to look for the sawdust in front of PP’s ancient Beemer, which of course wasn’t there when we set off around midday.  All we could see was 3 dots, with no hint as to which direction we should go, so there was much ducking and diving and general darting around, probably to the amusement or wonderment of the other Car Park users.  This early confusion caused Cynthia & Sparkly to trail behind 3s4d and Lady C, who had started afterwards, and so we 2 became a 2 by 2 socially distanced 4!  We soon found ourselves going directly downhill towards Chilworth & were thinking ‘Gun Powder Mills’.  The route skirted the lower boundary of the woods and emerged onto the Downs Link.  Still we thought we were Chilworth bound and headed on down except for 3s4d who called us back to cross the field diagonally uphill towards the bench at the view point below St Martha’s.  The hares’ known penchant for off-piste traverses made me hope that we’d be making our way back up to St. Martha’s through the woods, and not up the painfully obvious route known as the Drainpipe. Alas, brutal was the theme of the day, and progress was slowed by congestion on that very narrow, steep and slippery slope where it became very much 1 step forward and 3 steps back.  I’ve never been so glad to see the sandy path leading up to St. Martha’s church – (never thought I would write such a thing – I’m usually complaining about its leg sapping properties) the grip of sand actually felt quite pleasant underfoot on the last few metres up to the church.

After a few moments to catch our breath, we set off again but were stopped in our tracks when we spotted Heavenly Blonde and Psycho out with their little brood, George and Oliver.  It was a delight to see them after so long and we can look forward to Heavenly Blonde Hashing with us again soon, hopefully.  Then we spied Call Girl and ITB coming back up towards the church – they’d declined the southerly loop of the route from the start (you can see why from the Garmin read-out – it took them a long time to find the out trail) and went straight for St. Martha’s, and were coming back from a falsie.

From there we meandered through the woods almost back to the car park, and back down into the lower sodden terrain.  We were derailed by the falsie heading out towards Tyting Farm.  It was either going to be back up past the entrance to the car park, or straight up to the western reaches of Newlands Corner. I had already checked out the path that runs up to Newlands Corner, but somehow missed the sawdust and 3s4d led us inexorably upwards, though he blithely slipped out onto the tarmac whilst the rest of us stuck faithfully to the hare’s intended route and ducked and dived into passing places on this congested stretch, mainly of people coming the other way, Maid Marion and Matilda among them.  The sight of a pair of pristine white trainers coming downhill towards us was rather mind boggling.

We crossed over the road knowing we would be Newlands Corner bound, but despite our best efforts to go directly there, the hare had other ideas of course.  Falsie to the east, followed by another falsie to the east meant there was only one way – north!  About here, we lost sight of 3s4d – I had seen him ahead and we were following, but he wasn’t calling, and there was no sawdust.  We decided that he was once again doing his own thing, and sought out the proper trail, found by Lady C.  We actually lost sight of ITB altogether at this same point, not to be seen again until the end.

We headed on through the Roughs, down to the bottom of Walnut Tree Bottom, by which time 3s4d was back amongst us. Sparkly led the way across, up, down and over some BMX mounds and exited the woods at the western end of Newlands Corner Car Park.  We lost the trail completely here but found Tea Cosy, out for a run on his own.  We headed east, my intention being to go down the main hill, slightly west again and hope to pick up the trail leading down to Newbarn and home.  I was outvoted however by the desire of others to try Water Lane.  As we headed down there I decided against it and cut through downhill.  The others followed, and just as I imagined, we picked up the trail again for the path to Newbarn.  Meanwhile 3s4d and Lady C ploughed their own furrow in the field and eventually joined us. From there it was along what I call ‘Alpaca’ Lane (we used to see alpacas in the adjacent field) and home.

Verdict: The last Hash of the year – and boy, what a year, and what a Hash!  1hr and 40 minutes of basically trying to stay upright – so not a lot of running!  This one wins the vote for ‘Muddiest Hash of the Year, trumping Hawkeye’s run last week!  It was great to be out and the sun shone, so thank you PP & Cheetah.   This was Venus’s verdict:

The WhatsApp News declared that Virgil, Hawkeye & Becky, and Moondance also ventured out.

And so 2020 comes to an end, like nothing we have ever experienced.  2021 beckons with little prospect of any change for some time to come.  Hashing, in its current guise, will continue as far as we are able or permitted, so we still need hares and hashers.  Remember, it’s making these strange times feel a little more normal, and This IS The Way… for now.   On On

Run Report 1909: Albury Heath Cricket Ground

This is the way…

Scribed by several & Sparkly!

‘This is the way’ is the Mandalorian catch phrase adopted by Hawkeye, which I have borrowed here to highlight that there IS a way still, in these most abnormal times, that PH3 can legally Hash, within the constraints of the latest Covid 19 (and its variants) guidance and rules.  So, it is not Hashing as we know it, hasn’t been for most of the year, and probably won’t be yet for quite a few more months….and furthermore…we’re getting used to it!

We’ve had to dispense with the pods of 6 and settle for running in a maximum of 2’s – only with one person from another household.  Fortunately we have a hare, and hopefully future hares who are still happy to lay trails for us to enjoy 2 by 2.

The route took us directly south, crossing New Road and towards Albury Heath, then under the railway bridge and out along Brook Lane where the markings were either washed away or vandalised.  From there it was along Brook Hill a little way then we had to traverse a couple of fields, bringing us out on the edge of Edgeley Holiday Park.  We veered away westwards along a very muddy stretch to join Ponds Lane Track, and even muddier Byway.  Back over the railway line and a short traverse through the woods of Shere Heath before emerging at The Pink Willy in Little London.  The vandalism here up to Park Road did little to deter or detain us.  We forged on, crossing Park Road into the lovely wooded grounds of Albury Park, exiting onto the drive and back to New Road.  From here it was in to Albury, and the first path up Warren Lane near the church may have temped a few, as it did Call Girl & Sparkly, who had to brave going past a team of builders up on scaffolding with hods of cement, then return past them again!  On into the junction by the Post Office in Albury and left up towards Blackheath, where Sparkly guessed correctly that we should go past the church, and Call Girl did her only falsie of the day. We kept looking over our shoulders expecting Virgil & Venus to overtake us, but it seemed that we might get back before that happened.  A fellow walker warned us of an underwater area ‘like a swimming pool’ ahead to which I remember thinking ‘Oh good – I can clean my shoes’.  Not long after we heard the familiar sound of Robic hollering ‘On On!’ followed soon after by Factor 30 – they’d managed to overtake V & V!  A short distance more through the woods found us back at the car park, with V & V coming in a few minutes later.

For reporting though, we didn’t know exactly who turned up and ventured forth to follow the sawdust, so I’ve had to ask for and rely on feedback published on the PH3 WhatsApp group from those that did, which I share with you here:

Hawkeye was prepared to write the Run Report for his own run though –

‘It was a perfect hash, set by a true master without a hint of mud or a single hill….as dictated by TIFM…..honest! 🤞🤔

Ignoring the above aberration, the others who came out, two by two, and braved the new restrictions offered their verdict:

Pistman Pat, running with Secret Squirrel said:

 ‘Great run, but my Dad kept leaving me behind’, providing us with different opinion on the mud situation:

“Without a hint of mud”!!  My duck begs to differ…’

He also said: ‘Super trail Andy. As my dad mentioned, there were one or two bits that we’ve only ever run going in the opposite direction. I didn’t experience any hostility but there was some vandalism up the gully from the Pink Willy.  Joyous event and so pleasing to be out and about after yesterday’s depressing news.  The weather was a wonderful bonus. Altogether a well organised event where all the organisation was directed towards ensuring a minimum of contact with each other.’

Hmm…   Pink Willies and gullies – I know it is strange times but really? In PH3?!

Cynthia, (running with ITB), always one to be that little bit different said –

‘Great run and perfect weather – doing it in reverse (Yes – you read that right!)meant that we could say hello to lots of hashers.  I believe there was mud as I got truly splattered when 4 motorbikes drove through one of the deeper puddles as I was pressed up against the side of path!’

First out Call Girl & Sparkly didn’t expect to meet anyone they knew until near the end when it was likely they would be over-taken, but they too came across 2 bikers – who were very polite and mindful of us, graciously stopping and switching off their engines.  When they said, in a friendly sort of way, that they wouldn’t have ventured along that path if they’d known it was quite so muddy, the barbed reply from Sparkly was that it was so muddy precisely because of people like them on motor bikes!  Continuing to grumble about the misuse of footpaths by the likes of them and mountain bikers and horse riders, she discovered at the end of the ‘footpath’ that it was a By Way, so they were perfectly within their rights to be there.  Ooops!

For sure this was easily the muddiest Hash this year.  Venus said –

‘It was deep deep mud but my feet are still dry.  (How?)  My ‘hare’ (Virgil) did all the falsies but I still managed to do a very nice 5.9m run, saw parts of Albury I‘ve never seen before, and ran muddier puddles than I’ve run for a while!!!! ………. someone had def been there before us though (yes, there was evidence of another sawdust laid Hash)………… and someone didn’t like us being there!!!!!!! …… a grumpy dog walker shook his head at me on that lovely long uphill finish, so I smiled sweetly and said ‘Good Morning’ –  to which he told me I still had a long way to go, but at least it stopped him looking grumpy and stopped the head shaking……… Sadly we got caught!!!!!……… …… but only on a downhill where it’s easy to run fast ……… great run!!!!! Loved it!’

This way – the ‘New Way’ – even caught the attention of our long absent friend Tea Cosy, who proffered an anthem:  Mud’s ‘Lonely This Christmas.’  Perhaps we shall sing it on our post-Christmas Hash.

I wanted to ask what Robic had been on the previous evening!

‘Jody and I ran yesterday and chatted about all our plans over Christmas, who we were going to meet and what we were both doing over the next 2 weeks, and we didn’t see anyone we knew on our run.We arranged to meet again today but it was so weird. Firstly we had nothing to say as we now are doing zip all, but amazingly we saw SO many familiar faces. Who would have thought Hawkeye would be hanging around Albury car park?  We had no idea why! Off we trotted and soon saw a bandy legged man in shorts and a long orange jacket. He kept telling us which way we should be running (it was almost always the opposite way). We managed to shake him off and keep going, when soon after a railway crossing we met a very friendly couple running backwards – bizarre.  A few miles of deep mud later, there was another couple – she was very friendly, but he seemed to be a bit grumpy!  We not only caught them up but then overtook them. We went a bit wrong along the road but then going up a steep muddy trench I didn’t know if I was hallucinating but I saw Santa Claus with a very Sparkly elf. Thankfully that was the end of the run and whilst it was beautifully set and a decent distance, I wasn’t sure if this was all a weird surreal dream. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and Christmas won’t be cancelled, we’ll still be in the EU next year and hashing will end at a pub!!’

How we wish, Robic!  But no!  This is the way…

Virgil, not known for his epic poems, kept it simple and succinct:

‘Grumpy, who’re you calling Grumpy?  Well set run Andy and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure it was too, apart from being caught.’

Okay, I suppose that’s a small reason to be grumpy, if you’re the competitive sort, even when there is no one to really compete with.

Call Girl & Sparkly were amazed they didn’t get caught until about 200 metres from the finish – but then again, we did set off just before 10:00, and first Robic, then Factor 30 over-took us having set off some 40 minutes later. Oh to be young and under 50 again!  I remember when…

Scoobydoo – ‘Like there’s times I’ll do anything for a Scooby snack’ –

‘Great route and lovely to see everyone we passed

Holly and I got back to the car park at 1pm from a 10pm start.  Had a picnic (Scooby snack) on the pitch and bumped into TIFM who had detoured to pick up a bottle of whiskey Christmas present from a friend on Blackheath.’

Easily Overlooked – er… did she run?  She intimated that she would, but it seems she overlooked herself.  All to easily!

The last word goes to Factor 30:

‘What a lovely sunny run we had. Started off well with some good strong blobs, but alas some vandalism did jolt us a little at one point, as did some of the deep mud. At one point also I lost Robic to a big puddle as she decided through the middle was the only way!! Next we came upon a circle where a gate was guarded by a rather frisky and grumpy horse, and I was rather pleased and relieved to find we didn’t have to try and enter the field.  Before we started Robic had warned me she would be picking up the pace, and that she did, as she was gone like the wind up the final furlong heading for home. Cracking route and run, and thanks for arranging such lovely weather Hawkeye!’

Overall Verdict:  I think it’s fair to surmise from the above that everyone was delighted to be out doing their ‘normal’ Sunday activity and very pleased indeed that Hawkeye was happy to set us his trail, for which we are very grateful.  Even the sun shone, and whilst there was the usual vandalism and some grumps, we still had mud, puddles, hills, woodland, bridges and rail tracks, and fantastic views.  Those of us residing in a Tier 4 area can be comforted that we can still hash, but differently…

Shame about all the mulled wine, snacks and mini mince pies Sparkly had organised for a teensy weeny bit of socially distanced revelry…’tis is the way of things…

This is the way!