News: 10 April 2013

“……In short order the downs were counterbalanced with the ups and we passed Denbies where Jonno Groans was heard to whine at the wine on a long and picturesque falsie……..”


Seems my predictions last week of a prolonged winter made the sun come out, at least for a day or so and importantly for our run on Sunday.  And what a run it was involving Boxhill and all!  Sorry John set us a challenging trail, but we all made it, just.

To tidy up from last week when Billy Graham set a tasty and testing challenge to identify the number chocolate bar names within last weeks’ run report. The answer is attached, which I’m (somewhat) reliably informed adds up to 36. In a tight contest the top seven contestants included Hawkeye, Sparkly, Uphill Gill, Dusty, Nat The Hat, Hipless and Pis’t’man Pat. With line honours (chocolate) being claimed by Sparkly closely followed by Dusty. But who knows with BG he’s claiming that the judge’s decision is final, so you’ll have to corner him next time you see him.  What I don’t know is whether Uphill Gill correctly identified Paul Newman as a chocolate bar?!

So the countdown continues. For some its only 2 weeks to the London marathon, for others its only 3 weeks to the Clandon Park Run but most importantly it is less than 4 weeks to the wedding of the year between Cinderella and Prince Charming (aka Sophie and Nic) which is also an event in which you can participate as you have been cordially invited by the Bride and Groom (and Father of the Bride, Jonno Groans) to celebrate their marriage with fellow hashers at St John the Baptist Church, Wonersh at 2pm on Sunday 5th May and at the evening celebrations at 8pm at Gate Street Barn, Bramley.  Perhaps as a courtesy, anyone planning on going along could let me know and I’ll coordinate with the betrotheds?

Final chance to take the quick survey at which asks you what you think/want from a possible new website.

So this weekend on Sunday 14th April 2013  it will be the deadly duo of Virgil and Venus who will be setting from The Wooton Hatch, Wotton. As is always the case with their runs its sure to be entertaining!

I hope to see you there.

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News: 03 April 2013

“……El Caudello suffered mechanical breakdown at some point as one of his honed and toned leg muscles gave way – but this is an ever present danger for finely-tuned athletes……..”


So the Spring freeze continues…..and to think there were topless runners in the pack only three weeks ago.  I was not able to attend the last run on (Easter) Sunday but imagine that folk were appropriately clothed.  Billy Graham kindly volunteered to write this week’s run report. Obviously he was having a fine old time and he’s even offered to supply an Easter Egg to the person to correctly identify the number of chocolate bar names hidden (some not too subtly) within his run report.  So have a go and send him your best estimate.

Answers next week I presume…..

The news updates this week are that people have been to nicer and I assume warmer climes, witness attached photo of 12rena and 34 in Las Vegas where he was playing in a 3 day Pro-Am tournament (where his team finished in 3rd place), I think the caption writes itself from there.


Further afield still Tea Cosy has been visiting brother Billy Elliot and somehow got talked into a  competing in a 6.5km open water swim race in Northern Malaysia after stepping off a 32 hour series of flights. Let me just reemphasize that’s 6500m swimming.  So not drowning was a major accomplishment as was the in 234th place out of about 400 entrants.  Not as impressive as Billy Elliot’s  time of just over 2hrs coming 32nd overall! No pictures of men in speedo’s ladies, but a nice looking spot for a swim.

Billy Elliot and Tea Cosy do 6 and a half km swim

So the stats reveal that only 40% of you have taken the quick survey at which asks you what you think/want from a possible new website. So please make it a majority decision………………

A little on-line entertainment for you this weekI think this should appeal to our demographic.


So this weekend on Sunday 7th April 2013 Sorry John will be setting for us, but from his home from home, namely the Car Park, Crabtree Lane, Norbury Park, West Humble. Directions on the homepage

Sure to be a good one, and I’m reliably informed that the Stepping Stones has reopened for refreshments afterwards. I hope to see you there.

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News: 27 March 2013

“…….preferring to swim across another paddock and slurp our way up a slope past some bemused looking highland cattle. Bemused by us or bemused by being in Surrey, but surely they must be-used to the weather…….”


Running last weekend was “challenging” as I’m sure was setting the run in the first place. Therefore it was surprising that TIFM was able to find enough dry land on which to place his sawdust, before we duly waded by later on.  You can read my run report below.

A couple of pieces of news to bring you this week, first up is a reminder that the 2013 Clandon Park Run will be taking place on Saturday 20th April with the start/finish in George Abbot School and the 10k run largely off road and within the Clandon Park Estate. Registration is open and importantly the early bird discount expires on 31st March.  Click here for entry details. Myself and Harvey are already registered.

Last weekend Jonno Groans was absent from the hash but actively participating in a “running” event, namely the Where’s Wally fun run in London in aid of The National Literacy Trust. You can see some pictures here, Jonno Groans is easy to spot, he’s the one wearing the red and white striped top! More importantly why didn’t our very own Wally take part?

Perhaps a more gruelling event in London will be the London Marathon which this year will include both Paul Newman and Uphill Gill. To support their efforts both are raising funds for worthwhile causes and would welcome any support you can give them.  I have included a note from the dynamic duo below at the bottom of the email, but you can also read it on the website here  Noteworthy, for me at least is that Paul has run 14 marathons despite having type 1 diabetes and Gill has never run an on road marathon before.  Anyway – please help them with their fundraising if you feel able.

A further reminder of the quick survey about what you think/want from a possible new website: Speak now or forever hold………………

This weekend on Sunday 31st March 2013 we are sticking close to home but in other areas being adventurous in that it will be a debutant hare Nat the Hat supported by Sparkly who will be setting from The Seahorse, Shalford. Nat has set runs before, in Germany. So you’ll have to come along and see if she can cope with setting on the other side of the footpath…… Directions below on the homepage.

Also PLEASE NOTE: The CLOCKS GO FORWARD 1 HOUR on Saturday evening, so don’t be late for the run J

It also being Easter Sunday, I am scheduled to be elsewhere, so please make it along to the run if you can and support our debutant hare.

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Another London Marathon: Paul Newman and Uphill Gill take to the streets of London

The dynamic duo have yet another venture to complete on the 21st of April, which is the date of the London Marathon this year. First it was the Beachy Head Marathon, then it was the North Downs Run 30km, and after that it was the Grizzly in Devon, Next comes the biggest event of all on the streets of London, with not a pile of sawdust to be seen anywhere, how will we know which way to go?This year marks a special anniversary for Paul as it will be 30 years since he first ran the London Marathon in 1983. Since then all my 14 marathons and numerous triathlons have been completed despite having Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependent), so I am using my effort at this year’s race to raise funds for the “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation”, who specialise in funding research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, which can affect a number of young children and teenagers for the rest of their life.

Please visit my fund raising page below, remembering that Fidelity my employer will grant match and effectively double any donation, and also that a couple of tick boxes will enable gift aid to be claimed by the charity to reclaim tax paid on any donations.

For Gill the London will be her first ever road marathon having previously run the distance 3 times at Beachy Head. Personal experiences from the last few years have made her choose the following charities to seek any donations you may be able to make: Macmillan Cancer Support Cancer Research UK Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Please visit my fund raising page below, and remember that a couple of tick boxes will enable gift aid to be claimed by the charity to reclaim tax paid on any donations.

News: 20 March 2013

“….I learnt a lot from this hash; the Vietcong live in the Chilworth football pavilion, 130m of ascent does not require the use of oxygen tanks and Thomas Jerome Newton was a very lucky man……….”


Well as I write it’s the first day of Spring and whilst the weather is not that convincing, the chancellor has just announced a cut of 1p in beer duty tax. Seemingly insignificant on its own its likely to save the equivalent of the GDP of Lichtenstein to the collective PH3 expenditure over the next year…….so we should be thankful.

Last weekend, I was absent from Guildford and hence not able to join the trail set by Dusty and from what I recall the weather was not at its best (!) for the runners. Nonetheless is didn’t seem to have dissuaded a healthy crop from taking to the trail in his support.  As ever Pis’t’man Pat has concocted an entertaining account of the event.

You may recall from last week that BPG  was sufficiently incapacitated/insufficiently capacitated (delete as suits your grammatical proclivities) to prevent her from competing in the Reading Half Marathon and by a process of deduction I’ve guessed that Wally took up the offer of a free place as I’ve learned that he completed it in 1hr 58mins, finishing 6612th out of 12,863! So more runners than we normally get – well done Alan, hardly the best of weather!

The weekend before that Uphill Gill and Paul Newman were battling the conditions in the 20 mile race along the Jurassic coastline known as the Grizzly. From memory this is more of an endurance event than a ‘run’ as it features nearly 4,000ft of ascent!, and crossing bogs etc.  They completed this year’s course in 4 hrs 47mins. If this isn’t amazing enough, the weather conditions were described as “arduous with biting North Easterly winds, rain and sleet, and near to freezing temperatures”. What’s even more amazing than the result is that they keep going back each year!!

And the weekend before that……..both Dusty  and Heavenly Blonde were away in action, though in rather different locations.  I’ll let you decide from the photos below which one you think was having the better time?!


A reminder of the quick survey about what you think/want from a possible new website: Speak now or forever hold………………

So with those updates and messages out of the way, to this weekend when on Sunday 24th March 2013. We will be in the seasoned hands of TIFM who will be setting from The Jolly Farmer, Burdenshott Road, Worplesdon. Directions on the homepage.

I hope to see you there.

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News: 13 March 2013

“….It’s a little known fact that our hare, Hotspur has spent the last fourteen months living in a kibbutz in Brighton. Probably because it’s not true……….”


Time can be a strict mistress, which is another way of saying that I have none this week – so just the facts and essentials and I’ll catch up on the ‘gossip’ next week. Including holiday snaps from Heavenly Blonde in a Jacuzzi and Dusty…..not!

You can read my run report on Hotspur’s intriguing run round Chiddingfold by clicking here.

As we steam through the twenty first century, we’re reviewing our website options. Tea Cosy has created a new offering at: this mirrors the information on our current website but in a more eye catching style. Before we make any irrevocable changes it would be good to know what you think and want from a website so having looked at the new site, please take a few minutes to complete the online survey here. This has just 10 questions and is totally anonymous – so please help us out and share your opinion.

Following the run last weekend, Blonde Party Girl – who sprained her ankle has contacted me to offer 2 free spaces for this weekend’s Reading Half Marathon on Sunday, yes it’s a little late notification but if you are interested then race info is here. Contact me for Blonde Party Girl’s email address.

But if the half marathon doesn’t grab your attention, this coming weekend on Sunday 17th March 2013 we will be into very familiar territory and a regular hash where Dusty has set himself the challenge of setting us a run from The Queen Victoria, Shalford. Directions on the homepage.

I hope you can make it along, family commitments are likely to take me elsewhere.

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Sorry John wins Crufts

News: 6 March 2013

“……The next part is all a bit of a blur in my memory (and also the hare’s understanding)………..there were still about two miles to go, and it was already well past 12 o’clock, sensible girl Belisha was by this time sitting in the hare’s car (ignoring the advice of her mother all those years ago not to accept lifts from strange men).”


As occasionally happens, it is nice to know that despite my absence, the running goes on – just. And to support that statement I offer exhibit A – which is the run report crafted by Secret Squirrel for which my thanks. As it happened on Sunday I was due to fly off in the early afternoon so was relaxing at Hawkeye-towers when my phone went at 10:30am.  On the other end was a slightly exasperated hare (Pis’t’man Pat) who in a semi-incoherent ramble relayed some information to me about sealed instructions being left on the rear wheel of his car and the need for the pack to use an electric gate??  All this before I managed to tell him that I wasn’t coming to the run! Anyway, SS has it covered in the run report so give it a read. You’ll also be pleased to know that I’ve amended the directions to the venue!

The final of the G3 series took place last Saturday on a hilly course around Newland Corner. In this Heavenly Blonde DNS – I think I heard rumours of man flu?, Tea Cosy completed the course in 57min48sec, ‘New Ben’ DNS and Mafia Shades DNS.  So I think by a process of attrition/elimination Tea Cosy takes the PH3 prize for being the only person to complete all three in the G3! 

If your short-term memory is up to it, you may recall that last week I postulated about the possibility that Prince Charming was snapped on his stag do in Switzerland wearing a meerkat onesie. In a bizarre twist, it turns out that my imagination is not as farfetched as I (and others) may think. Witness the photo below of Prince Charming in a onesie……….don’t they know you find penguins at the South Pole, not the Swiss Alps?


This weeks’ multi-media gem is also playing on mainstream TV channels, but the joy of this weblink is that you get to chose the musical style to which the horses rock out. Enjoy!

So this weekend, on Sunday 10th March 2013 we are pleased to welcome back into the fold Hotspur who has chosen a favourite haunt of The Crown Inn, Chiddingfold.  The directions are on the homepage.

I hope to see you there for a gossip and a catch up, oh and a run!

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News: 27 February 2013

“…….But Dusty, arriving in what TIFM described as a “blown-up dinky toy” was able to squeeze into the middle of three free bays, despite the heckling of his passengers……….”


Welcome to this weeks’ run and general misinformation report. I had a fine time setting a run on a day that would have been memorable for my mother many years ago and proved memorable for me this year. In fact it was touching and somewhat appropriate that the number of runners matching my age turned up last weekend, well it would have been if another 30 people turned up. Anyway see the run report on this kindly scribed by Secret Squirrel by clicking here

Back on the trail at the weekend was Prince Charming so obviously the alleged pictures from his stag do, showing him stranded halfway up the Jungfrau in a Meerkat onesie were photoshopped. And he was accompanied this weekend by Cinderella – who was complaining of aches and pains as a result of a recently attended boot camp and sporting new trainers because, and I kid you not, a badger ate the others. There seems to be a bit of a shoe theme going on here…….

Tea Cosy was in action last weekend, competing in a half-marathon, in Tunbridge Wells of all places – did you see Billy Graham by any chance? Anyway, in accordance with some unwritten, but strictly enforced forfeiture regime (see earlier run reports about Heavenly Blonde) TC was aiming for a time of 1hr 30min at pain of a vodka shot for every minute over that time. Unfortunately there was some technical glitch with the electronic system, but in an out of court settlement TC has “agreed” to provide Lazy Monkey with a bottle of vodka. You make your own guesses as to what his actual time was?? At the same time Billy Graham was allegedly winning at tennis and not penning letters of complaint to the Telegraph.

To multi-media and I am compelled to bring you this clip that I came across this week, it features my favourite TV chef Nigella. In case you are looking at this at work, the pictures are fine but keep the volume down!


And if you have not come across the latest phenomenon of goats singing along to Taylor Swift…..where have you been?!


And if all that makes you feel old, spare a thought for former PH3 runner Fisherman’s’ Friend who has been experimenting with a new form of hash setting suitable for older people or those with poor eyesight…


So this weekend, Pis’t’man Pat will be taking up the sawdust bags once more and setting from The Punchbowl Inn, Okewood Hill, West Sussex. We ran from there last year and I seem to remember had a good time. It’s not the most straightforward place to find so check out the directions on the homepage.

Unfortunately I am busy elsewhere this weekend, but I’m sure it’ll be a great run.

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News: 20 February 2013

Only Frozen Horses lasagne“……Chef & Brewer are like chalk and cheese to beer and quality but on this occasion there was a good selection; Ringwood and TEA, so no complaints there………..”


I hope this finds you well and enjoying the best of a half-term break – if that’s your current life stage. Or perhaps skiing or both even. Anyway, the drinking problem with a running club (or something like that) continues apace and was delighted with the tantalising trail set by Billy Graham last weekend. You can read my run report on the website. Sparkly even managed to take some snaps of the delightful surroundings (a day later) which are available here.

The horsemeat scandal continues to canter ahead with new recipes coming onto the market all the time, see attachment.

The news this week is an advance notification of The 2013 Clandon Park Run being held on Saturday 20th April 2013. 10k and 4k options starting at 11am. Early bird registration until 31st March. Details are here.

So this weekend on Sunday 24th February 2013 in a vain attempt to avoid writing a run report for a week, I Hawkeye will be setting a run and have chosen The Olive Tree, Sutton Green.
I can promise a flat if not totally dry route and it would be great if you came along to celebrate my birthday. Free drink to the first person who guesses my age correctly or uses the most flattery. Men need not apply…. Directions on the homepage.

I hope to see you there.

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News: 13 February 2013

“……..Circles were as scarce as investors in Findus shares as a hare in a hurry went off at one hell of a scurry……..”


The runners keep on coming and we keep on running as PH3 enjoys a well earned renaissance. Please see my run report on an eventful debut trail from Tom Tom last weekend.

Impressive as the turnout was, it was notable that two of the runners (Tea Cosy and New Ben had also competed in the previous days G3 10k run from Newlands Corner. So the results from G2 are that Heavenly Blonde completed the course in 1hr14min 58sec (thereby avoiding some serious drinking penalty by 2 seconds!), Tea Cosy in 59min45sec and New Ben in an impressive 56mins 13secs.

Which leads me to ask whether you’re up for any further challenges in 2013.  Below a list, exhausting but non-exhaustive of what might be on the agenda for the year ahead in terms of cycling or running. I’m considering my options as I know Tea Cosy, Lazy Monkey and Scooby Doo amongst others, might also be. So let us know if you’re interested and maybe we can get a PH3 team together on some or any of them?

1.   March 24, Wiggle Bike ride: Godalming: £26

2.   April 21, Wiggle Bike ride: Epsom: £30

3.   April 28, Wiggle Bike ride: Dorking: £28

4.   Sun 16 June. £35pp. Registration opens 2 March. London to Brighton Cycle

5.   5 October. €249. Registration now open Half Ironman LanzaroteLazy Monkey and Tea Cosy are booked.

6.   Sat 7 September. €78. A boozy marathon with 21 wine stops along the way! Marathon du Medoc

The last one sounds like a real challenge!

So this weekend on Sunday 17th February 2013 the globetrotting Billy Graham, recently returned from the British Virgin Islands will be setting for us from The Swan, Ash Vale, Aldershot. The directions are on the homepage. I have no instructions on parking as reccying the run is still in the future but will be in the past before the run……anyway look out for instructions from the hare on the day or park on the road nearby.

I hope to see you there.

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