News: 6 February 2013

“……..The next notable feature was a field populated by inquisitive bulls (or cows possibly) and underfoot we found ourselves trampling BS – which makes a change from talking it……..”


Just a quickie this week as for some reason I am pressed for time……..

So another bumper turn out last weekend in Puttenham where the deadly duo of Heavenly Blonde and Sparkly treated us to an entertaining run in good PH3 style.  See my run report.

Good luck to all those running the second of the imaginatively named G3 Series so that would be G2 then?, which is on Saturday this weekend.

So this weekend on Sunday 10th February 2013 we are in the hands of debutant setter Tom Tom who has chosen The Grantley Arms, Wonersh to test us out. It would be great to have a healthy turn out for Tom’s first trail, so hopefully you can make it along to support him. Directions on the homepage.

I hope to see you there.

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News: 30 January 2013

“……Blackheath came quickly and left more slowly on account of Dusty and SS sneaking away whilst the remainder doggedly pursued blind alleys. Mud-free, pine-needled and pleasant alleys, but blind ones nonetheless………”


A bumper turn out last weekend in Chilworth as we placed our faith in Pis’t’man Pat to safely navigate us round the Surrey Hills.

I managed to grab a few people in the pub afterwards, but the general message I’d like to spread is that we need more volunteers to set runs. So please let me know if you’re up for the challenge. Thanks

I am sure it has not escaped your notice what with the garish window displays and supermarket seasonal selections that Valentine’s Day will shortly be upon us. So to serenade your loved one (or someone else’s for that matter!) you could indulge in selection of Belgian chocolates or splash out on a bouquet of roses, or for a similar price…………. you could surprise them with tickets to The Valentine Dance at The Arbuthnot Hall Shamley Green. This is taking place on Saturday 16th February. Tickets are £15 and include free glass of bubbly, a ‘fantastic’ disco and a bar stocked with Surrey Hills Beers. Furthermore there will be valentine nibbles, a raffle with some excellent prizes. Black tie and posh frocks (TIFM excluded!). And to cap it all off, all funds raised are in aid of CHASE Children’s hospice and are being collected by Ali (aka Remington) who will be running in this years’ London marathon in their support. Information/tickets available from Ali at

News this week has also filtered from Baku where Robin Hood has been domiciled for the last 2 years and looks set to be there for the next couple too. Hash running is a rarity these days and yes Rudi (the adorable Labrador) is doing well despite a problem with his scent gland which swollen up and makes him look like a baboon and earned him the new nickname of BAR (Bad Ass Rudi).

Finally in the news update this week, the results of the first of three in the imaginatively named G3 Series. In this, cancelled from the week before due to snow, Heavenly Blonde completed the course in 1hr13min, Tea Cosy in 58min25sec and Mafia Shades in 1hr 15mins.

So this weekend on Sunday 3rd February 2013 (that’s right January is finally at an end) the trail is in the hand of the aforementioned Heavenly Blonde and Sparkly and they will be setting from the Upper Car Park, Suffield Lane, Puttenham Common. Directions below and on the website here. Afterwards we will retire to the Good Intent for some liquid refreshment.

I hope to see you there.

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News: 23 January 2013

“…….There was also a profligacy of new shoes (at least 3 pairs) which I attribute to Christmas or the deleterious effects of the 2012 mud. Either way we were out to get a renewed grip on life…….”


This week the news has been piling up like snow drifts.  First up is my run report on the snow run that took place in some challenging conditions around Guildford on Sunday.  Woolly hats off to our hares Robic and Moondance for setting in such conditions and also to the runners with perhaps El Caudello claiming the bravado award for travelling the furthest.  See the run report below. You may notice that it is entitled “Hash hash…mush mush”, but I would like to point out that I am aware that mush mush is an affectation created by the movies and in fact the phraseology comes from the French -marché, marché as those French Canadians were really into their dogs apparently.  I’m pointing this out just in case anyone felt it necessary to mention it. But I digress……

The snow defeated Paul Newman and Uphill Gill from making it along to the hash this week (though apparently they ran 10 miles round Dorking instead!), but the previous week they completed an 8 mile MABAC race through Windsor Great Park recording times of 59.56 (nicely under the hour) and 1hr 5min respectively.

Now I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of things on the website. Firstly, Secret Squirrel may be still clearing up from our Christmas party but Sparkly has now uploaded an album of photos of the event, so if your memory of the day is a little hazy and I hope it was you can refresh it here. Next I cannot commend highly enough the following short video. Basically this is an automated animation of a hasher trying to explain hash running to a non-hasher. I think you call it laugh out loud these days. Enjoy!

So with that pile of issues out of the way, we move on to this weekend when on Sunday 27th January 2013 Pis’t’man Pat (some say Poet after last weeks’ run report) will be setting for us from The Drummond Arms, Albury. Directions are on the homepage.

I think the forecast if for a continued melt, but if there are any extreme weather conditions I will aim to update the website at 9:30am on Sunday morning in the usual fashion.

I hope to see you there.

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News: 17 January 2013

“…….Our hare had been ruthless, it’s OK for him, He can eat like a pig and still he stays thin, We wallowed and waddled, we huffed and we puffed, And up he kept popping – looking too bloody chuffed…….”

Evening – well the privilege of being your esteemed organiser (if there is such a thing) is to be able to edit any run report and opine on any subject I see fit.  But contrary to the predilections of Fleet Street I wield my editorial pen with uncommon restraint. Indeed I have one detractor known as Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells who clearly doesn’t think I wield it enough or with the grammatical accuracy he would like and frequently tales to the website to make is views plain.  And he may have a point, “you” were all kind enough to bestow a gift upon me at Christmas and I admit that after a glass or two of that whilst compiling the weekly missive, my editorial skills might not be quite like they oughta. But fear not I’ll be sober by the Spring…..

Whether Pis’t’man Pat was sober when he wrote this weeks’ run report on my run in Horsley, is frankly hard to tell. And I can assure you I’ve not edited this at all….it was always that far out to start with!

It seems that one of my editorial inaccuracies last week was to suggest that Tea Cosy and Heavenly Blonde were imminently entering the G3 Series at Newlands Corner when in fact they only start this Saturday and continue on 9 February 2013 – 08.30 and 2 March 2013 – 08.30. See: for details. Apparently it threw some people into confusion but didn’t fool the runners into a dry run!

It seems my comments in last weeks’ run report about horses only being fit for the table not stable, might have been somewhat prescient: Or as 12rena commented “I see the burgers at Tesco are low in fat but high in Shergar” or “Been to Tesco cafe, just ordered a burger. The waitress asked whether I wanted anything on it. So I had a fiver each way”!

If you look to the foot of this mail you’ll see that were are short a couple of hares to keep us going till mid-March so if you feel the urge to volunteer, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

So to this weekend on Sunday 20th January 2013, Moondance will be setting for us and has chosen the delightful but suburban location of The Kings Head, Stoke Road, Guildford. Directions below on the homepage – note the recommendation to park in Guildford College Car Park.

There are rumours of snow, so if anything extraordinary happens that could affect our run on Sunday, I will post something on the website. So logon for a snow update…..

I hope to see you there.

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News: 9 January 2013

“……..Personally if it wasn’t for the jodhpurs there’s nothing to commend the existence of horses to me and I’d be with the Frenchies and have them on the table rather than in the stable……”

Evening – well by now everyone should be back in the swing of work and the like. Likewise we returned to a familiar venue to set forth on our hash running for 2013. However, as is usually the case at Polesden Lacey, despite the familiar venue, it was anything but a familiar trail – read my run report. And hopefully Scooby Doo has recovered from his sprained ankle, ably assisted in his recovery as he was by the healing hands of Florence Nightingale aka Sparkly.

Tea Cosy has furnished us with the news this week that “New figures show library users in Surrey are clamouring for the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, like nowhere else in the country. Surrey residents now account for one fifth of all library borrowing of EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey”. See: which inevitably leads to the query of how many PH3 members are card carrying library members and furthermore just how many times Pis’t’man Pat loaned it during 2012!? Either that or the coalition has forced the closure of so many libraries elsewhere that Surrey’s figures are high as there’s only another 10 libraries left in the UK!

Another link this week from the omnipotent Tea Cosy to highlight to people that he and Heavenly Blonde and maybe others (?) are entering the G3 Series which are a sequence of 3 off-road runs over hilly terrain all starting and finishing at Newlands Corner. They start this weekend 19 January 2013 – 08.30 followed by 9 February 2013 – 08.30 and 2 March 2013 – 08.30. There’s still spaces available so see: for details.

This weekend on Sunday 13th January 2013, I – Hawkeye will be setting the run and have chosen The King William IVth in West Horsley. Directions on the website.

I hope to see you there. And no excuses for Tea Cosy to be late!

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News: 2 January 2013

“……..Alcohol is a great leveller as, so it turns out, is Yule log, mince pies and port – so it was a sluggish AA convention that jogged off leaden footed under leaden skies with the aim of returning soberer and slimmer by the end”

Evening – it turns out the Mayans were wrong after all and the only Comet to crash and burn before Christmas was one trying (unsuccessfully it seems) to sell electrical goods at a profit. But Mayans aside we’ve turned the page on our own more conventional calendar to 2013 and a whole year of running/drinking awaits us. But we saw 2012 out in style and were treated to some new terra firma by Scooby Doo – some of which was even above the waterline. So please see my run report (of which there is a small snippet above).

So what of 2013 then, well from where I’m sitting I can see that we need a few volunteers to set us runs. So please get in touch and reserve our date!

I’m not one for new year resolutions, but I am prepared to venture forth my opinion on a few things that you won’t see happen at PH3 in 2013:

·         On a collective health kick we opt for salad in favour of chips after a run

·         Sparkly turns up late for a run on the same day Tea Cosy arrives early

·         We find an improvement to their hash names after Cinderella marries her Prince Charming in 2013

·         The PH3 website stays exactly as it is

·         12rena drinks proper beer

·         Lazy Monkey purchases the latest Garmin gizmo that even has the falsies marked on it for him.

·         Moondance cycles John O’Groats to Lands End to “look for a contact lense I dropped on the way up”

·         Health professionals advise that a diet of beer and chips preceded by 5 miles sliding around on muddy footpaths is the sure-fire route to external life…. L

So keep your eyes open to see how things fare. But as is traditional, to start us off in the New Year we head to Polesden Lacey on Sunday 6th January 2013 and Yew Tree Farm where Sorry John will of course be our host. I’m pretty certain you don’t need to go near Petworth or Midhurst, so you should be fine.

I hope to see you there and please remember to bring a can/bottle for that vital post-run refreshment.

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News: 19 December 2012

“The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!”. Anon

Evening – well for many it’s a headlong rush toward Christmas and for others on 21.12.2012 the world is supposed to come to end.  I can see the appeal of both right now, but actually something that just made the whole world pause and reflect for 24 hours would be both welcome and salutary.  But enough amateur philosophy for one evening. Christmas, however you celebrate it (or don’t) is a time for family and friends and therefore I hope you can accommodate both, of course including PH3 amongst your friends……

We passed our own calendar impasse and TIFM showed in true style that life goes on beyond 1500 with his recent run round Rudgwick.

A quick reminder that there will be a service of remembrance for Mark Mitchell (80) at All Saints Church, Crondall, on Thursday 20th December at 1:30, followed by gathering at Oak Park Golf Club, Crondall. I know that several people plan to attend (sadly I am out of the country on Wednesday/Thursday this week), but if you would like to know more details please let me know. I will be making a donation on behalf of PH3 to the National trust, one of the charities close to Mark’s heart.

There is also a thread on the website where people have shared their memories of Mark, both poignant and amusing, check it out at:

As hinted at above, our running will go on throughout the festive season culminating in a “New Years’ Run” at Polesden Lacey on Sunday 6th January 2013. But before that, this mailing includes details of the next two runs:

First up on Sunday 23rd December 2013 the mildly injured (but recuperating) Tea Cosy  will be setting from The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary. See Hareline for directions. I hope you can make it along and offer a back rub if needed.

Following the festive frolics on Sunday 30th December we are to be treated to some brand new terrain when Scooby Doo sets us a run from The Three Moles, Selham, Sussex. See Hareline for directions.  This is a new area for us and what better way to kick off the inertia of Christmas/New Year than to come down (with the family?) for a walk or run. Scooby reckons to have found a gem of a country pub….

So with that I’ll sign off for 2012. It’s been the usual roller-coaster year of highs and lows, but I hope always punctuated by a weekly leveller that is the PH3 run. So as you sip that glass of chardonnay or slug that additional glass of single malt, ask not what the PH3 can do for me, but what I can do for it in 2013…….

Best wishes to you all and on on

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News: 13 December 2012

“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”. Anon

Hi – it’s a mixed bag that I bring you this morning/afternoon/evening – delete as applicable. Good news and rather sad news.

The good news first. We had a FANTASTIC 1500th run and Xmas party celebration at the weekend. Anyone who was there will attest to this fact, assuming they can remember. A superb 30 runners took to a trail set by former Grandmaster Secret Squirrel and this  number was swelled for the party which was equally superbly hosted by Anita with Sparkly in support.  See my attached and linked run report at:

Also attached is my summary of the runs we did and the fun we had in 2012.

The sad news of course is the untimely and unfair passing of Mark Mitchell (Accidental Tourist, AT, 80). I have recently heard from his widow Philippa about the funeral arrangements, which will be held on Thursday 20th December. Details can be found on the website at At the same location you will also find some comments from other hashers about Mark and I’d encourage you to do the same if you feel inclined to do so. I know that not everyone accesses the website (ironically a complaint of Marks’!) so I have taken the liberty of including my own comments below:

My memories of Mark – Today, 10:43 PM

I hope we will all have our own memories of Mark. I’ve been running with PH3 for about 10 years and during that time he has always been ‘a character’ and an essential part of what the PH3 is.

Not everyone will know the detail but Mark suffered from (an as then undiagnosed) fit whilst on holiday in June this year. Typically for Mark, shortly after being released from hospital in Corfu and even before making his arrangements to return to the UK, he called me to check the arrangements for a bike ride and hash that was to happen around his house at the coming weekend.

Of course that weekend we enjoyed a great time of riding, running and drinking and whilst Mark was clearly not at his best, he and Philippa did nothing but be the consummate hosts. Within a few days he received his brain tumour diagnosis and following surgery continued in typical and stoic fashion.

As well as his memorable wit and banter in run reports and at runs, I will remember him fondly for the time that I and others spent with him in recent months. Supping a beer of an evening we’d chatter on irreverently about anything and everything but never the clear discomfort or ailing health that afflicted Mark. When I last saw him a week or two back he was as sharp and acerbic as ever. His passing is so untimely and so sad.

He’s been in my thoughts a lot since the weekend, in fact I think Mark would see the humour in our latest t-shirt slogan of “Keep Calm and Kick out the circles”. All the best Mark

So after our 1500th what better way to continue than with run 1501 for which we are in the hands of seasoned practitioner TIFM, Simon has chosen a recent venue but with a different route. So on Sunday 16th December 2012 I hope that you can join us at The Kings Head, Rudgwick.

If anyone has any queries or questions about any of the above, just give me a call.

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News: 5 December 2012

“To be is to do. —Socrates. To do is to be. —Plato. Do-be-do-be-do. —Sinatra”.

Evening – So the (extended) waiting is over and we’ve completed 1500(and some) runs and our official 1500th run is at the weekend – see details below.

Meanwhile run 1499c was set by Dusty and despite the clash with the Hogsback Run and other affairs, it drew a reasonable crowd.  Please see Pis’t’man Pat’s entertaining report (does he write any other sort?) of the event at.

So, not at the run this weekend was Heavenly Blonde who was completing the aforementioned Hogsback Road Race and did so in a time of 1hr 6min. However she was pipped by very occasional PH3 runner Mafia Shades who clocked 1hr 4min. Also in attendance were Jonno Groans, Cinderella and Prince Charming who recorded times of 57min 11sec, 1hr 9mins and 56mins 29sec. So bragging rights restored after Luzern….except for the notable time of Alex Mogford (brother to Prince Charming) who pipped them all at 54min 47sec! Well done to all.

News also this week of Belisha & Diego with the former having incurred an Achilles injury, that has delayed her from running. But things seem to be on the mend as she’s entered the London Olympic Triathlon course…I assume for next year. So we’ll see them back some time.  Promised returns this weekend are 12rena and Hotspur……

So this weekend on Sunday 9th December 2012 we will be celebrating a landmark point in our history, 1500 runs (and Xmas too).  Remember, what passes for PH3 today began running in 1981. Fuelled on enthusiasm, fresh air and a good helping of beer, over 30 years later we’re still at it every Sunday….. This weekend we are very kindly being hosted by one of our former Grandmasters Secret Squirrel and his wife Anita. I am hopeful that runners past and present will attend for some or all of the festivities (see below). But a brief reminder of what I need from you:

·         If you have volunteered to make a salad or pudding – please bring it along

·         Bring your party outfit to change into after the run

·         If you have any to hand, a couple of fold up chairs/stools might help with the seating arrangements

·         And in order to cover the costs of food, barrel of beer, wine, soft drinks etc – I’ll be collecting money on the day. Rough calculations suggest that this needs to be about £18 for serious drinkers, £12 for drivers, non-alcoholic consumption. I’ll accept reasonable offers for anyone just stopping for a short while. So please bring some cash J

So the arrangements for the day are:

10:45am Assemble at 1, Tilehouse Road for a pre-run glass of mulled wine
10:46am I will attempt to distribute 1500th run t-shirts to those who have ordered one.
11:00am  (or thereabouts) Take to the trail for a run
12noon The party begins…..
…….the party finishes?

So the venue is 1 TILEHOUSE ROAD, SHALFORD, GU4 8AP.

If you have any queries about the event, you can contact me or the hare.

Hope to see you there.

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