News: 1 May 2013

“…….only to receive a withering look. This is something I’m accustomed to, though not usually from such a young bitch……”


Spring might finally be here, along with the April showers. And it’s May now? Anyway, our hare last weekend made the best of the weather and terrain available to set us a rather pleasant run good run Alfold.

Despite the warmer weather runners remain absent, Uphill Gill is undergoing doctor-enforced rest for her knee, Paul Newman could understandably be resting after his marathon exploits but instead has been competing in races elsewhere. Nat the Hat is in Tallinn, meanwhile Diego has a bad back and Tom Tom an unspecified ailment – meaning I can’t remember what it was. We hope they all recover/return, if not in time for my run this weekend, then for The Bluebell Run on Sunday 12th May 2013. There’s a few out and about and if the weather stays warm we might actually get our timing right.

So this weekend on Sunday 5th May 2013 it will be I, Hawkeye who will be setting from West Hangar Car Park, Staple Lane, Nr Clandon.

This will be a short run, in order to allow time for anyone planning to attend the subsequent wedding of Cinderella & Prince Charming – sure to be a fairytale event. Therefore I don’t expect to see the bride and groom at the run (though apparently the groom is planning to play tennis on Sunday morning!) and Jonno Groans as father of the bride is more likely to be stretching his wallet rather than his legs. Best wishes to all involved. And fingers crossed for fine weather.

The rest of you don’t have an excuse, oh apart from it being a BH weekend. Either way I hope to see you at my run. Afterwards we’ll decamp to The Queens Head, East Clandon.

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