News: 10 April 2013

“……In short order the downs were counterbalanced with the ups and we passed Denbies where Jonno Groans was heard to whine at the wine on a long and picturesque falsie……..”


Seems my predictions last week of a prolonged winter made the sun come out, at least for a day or so and importantly for our run on Sunday.  And what a run it was involving Boxhill and all!  Sorry John set us a challenging trail, but we all made it, just.

To tidy up from last week when Billy Graham set a tasty and testing challenge to identify the number chocolate bar names within last weeks’ run report. The answer is attached, which I’m (somewhat) reliably informed adds up to 36. In a tight contest the top seven contestants included Hawkeye, Sparkly, Uphill Gill, Dusty, Nat The Hat, Hipless and Pis’t’man Pat. With line honours (chocolate) being claimed by Sparkly closely followed by Dusty. But who knows with BG he’s claiming that the judge’s decision is final, so you’ll have to corner him next time you see him.  What I don’t know is whether Uphill Gill correctly identified Paul Newman as a chocolate bar?!

So the countdown continues. For some its only 2 weeks to the London marathon, for others its only 3 weeks to the Clandon Park Run but most importantly it is less than 4 weeks to the wedding of the year between Cinderella and Prince Charming (aka Sophie and Nic) which is also an event in which you can participate as you have been cordially invited by the Bride and Groom (and Father of the Bride, Jonno Groans) to celebrate their marriage with fellow hashers at St John the Baptist Church, Wonersh at 2pm on Sunday 5th May and at the evening celebrations at 8pm at Gate Street Barn, Bramley.  Perhaps as a courtesy, anyone planning on going along could let me know and I’ll coordinate with the betrotheds?

Final chance to take the quick survey at which asks you what you think/want from a possible new website.

So this weekend on Sunday 14th April 2013  it will be the deadly duo of Virgil and Venus who will be setting from The Wooton Hatch, Wotton. As is always the case with their runs its sure to be entertaining!

I hope to see you there.

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