News: 13 December 2012

“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”. Anon

Hi – it’s a mixed bag that I bring you this morning/afternoon/evening – delete as applicable. Good news and rather sad news.

The good news first. We had a FANTASTIC 1500th run and Xmas party celebration at the weekend. Anyone who was there will attest to this fact, assuming they can remember. A superb 30 runners took to a trail set by former Grandmaster Secret Squirrel and this  number was swelled for the party which was equally superbly hosted by Anita with Sparkly in support.  See my attached and linked run report at:

Also attached is my summary of the runs we did and the fun we had in 2012.

The sad news of course is the untimely and unfair passing of Mark Mitchell (Accidental Tourist, AT, 80). I have recently heard from his widow Philippa about the funeral arrangements, which will be held on Thursday 20th December. Details can be found on the website at At the same location you will also find some comments from other hashers about Mark and I’d encourage you to do the same if you feel inclined to do so. I know that not everyone accesses the website (ironically a complaint of Marks’!) so I have taken the liberty of including my own comments below:

My memories of Mark – Today, 10:43 PM

I hope we will all have our own memories of Mark. I’ve been running with PH3 for about 10 years and during that time he has always been ‘a character’ and an essential part of what the PH3 is.

Not everyone will know the detail but Mark suffered from (an as then undiagnosed) fit whilst on holiday in June this year. Typically for Mark, shortly after being released from hospital in Corfu and even before making his arrangements to return to the UK, he called me to check the arrangements for a bike ride and hash that was to happen around his house at the coming weekend.

Of course that weekend we enjoyed a great time of riding, running and drinking and whilst Mark was clearly not at his best, he and Philippa did nothing but be the consummate hosts. Within a few days he received his brain tumour diagnosis and following surgery continued in typical and stoic fashion.

As well as his memorable wit and banter in run reports and at runs, I will remember him fondly for the time that I and others spent with him in recent months. Supping a beer of an evening we’d chatter on irreverently about anything and everything but never the clear discomfort or ailing health that afflicted Mark. When I last saw him a week or two back he was as sharp and acerbic as ever. His passing is so untimely and so sad.

He’s been in my thoughts a lot since the weekend, in fact I think Mark would see the humour in our latest t-shirt slogan of “Keep Calm and Kick out the circles”. All the best Mark

So after our 1500th what better way to continue than with run 1501 for which we are in the hands of seasoned practitioner TIFM, Simon has chosen a recent venue but with a different route. So on Sunday 16th December 2012 I hope that you can join us at The Kings Head, Rudgwick.

If anyone has any queries or questions about any of the above, just give me a call.

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