News: 15 May 2013

“……Champing at the bit to sample the untrammelled delights of the aforementioned bluebells like horticultural junkies awaiting their next fix were……..”


So we were blessed, our planning was meticulous and it was not at all down to pure chance that we hit Polesden Lacey at the optimum time for Bluebells.  Lucky then that Sorry John saw fit to set us a trail to follow, that made the most of the verdant delights on offer.

Despite our weekly running, which is a delight that just keeps on coming, our next way-marker to look forward to will be the PH3 Dorset Weekend featuring two runs on Saturday afternoon (at Cranborne) and our usual Sunday run (at Studland). This courtesy of Billy Graham will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 2013. Let me or BG know if you want to come along. I have an inkling that the list of participants thus far includes Sparkly, Wally, Hipless, TIFM, Hawkeye, Uphill Gill, Paul Newman and more?  For those unfamiliar with the routine we tend to descend on BG’s Dorset retreat and occupy the available beds, floor space and camp in the back garden if needed. There are also a couple of local B&B’s  – details available, just ask. Time to start planning now. Actually I’ve not heard from BG since he set off to ascent Mount Toubkal (4617 m) in the Atlas Mountains, so I hope he made it back okay?

So this weekend on Sunday 19th May 2013 it will be Venus and Virgil who have chosen a new venue in the shape of Denbies Vineyard, London Road, Dorking. I’m not sure whether we’ve decided to distribute ourselves all around their vast car park and then come together for a flash mob hash run at 11am or more likely park in the corner furthest away from the buildings, look out for directions from your hares on the day.

Sure it’ll be a good one and hope to see you there.

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