News: 2 January 2013

“……..Alcohol is a great leveller as, so it turns out, is Yule log, mince pies and port – so it was a sluggish AA convention that jogged off leaden footed under leaden skies with the aim of returning soberer and slimmer by the end”

Evening – it turns out the Mayans were wrong after all and the only Comet to crash and burn before Christmas was one trying (unsuccessfully it seems) to sell electrical goods at a profit. But Mayans aside we’ve turned the page on our own more conventional calendar to 2013 and a whole year of running/drinking awaits us. But we saw 2012 out in style and were treated to some new terra firma by Scooby Doo – some of which was even above the waterline. So please see my run report (of which there is a small snippet above).

So what of 2013 then, well from where I’m sitting I can see that we need a few volunteers to set us runs. So please get in touch and reserve our date!

I’m not one for new year resolutions, but I am prepared to venture forth my opinion on a few things that you won’t see happen at PH3 in 2013:

·         On a collective health kick we opt for salad in favour of chips after a run

·         Sparkly turns up late for a run on the same day Tea Cosy arrives early

·         We find an improvement to their hash names after Cinderella marries her Prince Charming in 2013

·         The PH3 website stays exactly as it is

·         12rena drinks proper beer

·         Lazy Monkey purchases the latest Garmin gizmo that even has the falsies marked on it for him.

·         Moondance cycles John O’Groats to Lands End to “look for a contact lense I dropped on the way up”

·         Health professionals advise that a diet of beer and chips preceded by 5 miles sliding around on muddy footpaths is the sure-fire route to external life…. L

So keep your eyes open to see how things fare. But as is traditional, to start us off in the New Year we head to Polesden Lacey on Sunday 6th January 2013 and Yew Tree Farm where Sorry John will of course be our host. I’m pretty certain you don’t need to go near Petworth or Midhurst, so you should be fine.

I hope to see you there and please remember to bring a can/bottle for that vital post-run refreshment.

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    • Let it be known that Tea Cosy was all for cutting short the hash so he could get back and scoff all the sausage rolls! It was Heavenly Blonde’s restraining influence that ensured we all got a look in!

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