News: 13 February 2013

“……..Circles were as scarce as investors in Findus shares as a hare in a hurry went off at one hell of a scurry……..”


The runners keep on coming and we keep on running as PH3 enjoys a well earned renaissance. Please see my run report on an eventful debut trail from Tom Tom last weekend.

Impressive as the turnout was, it was notable that two of the runners (Tea Cosy and New Ben had also competed in the previous days G3 10k run from Newlands Corner. So the results from G2 are that Heavenly Blonde completed the course in 1hr14min 58sec (thereby avoiding some serious drinking penalty by 2 seconds!), Tea Cosy in 59min45sec and New Ben in an impressive 56mins 13secs.

Which leads me to ask whether you’re up for any further challenges in 2013.  Below a list, exhausting but non-exhaustive of what might be on the agenda for the year ahead in terms of cycling or running. I’m considering my options as I know Tea Cosy, Lazy Monkey and Scooby Doo amongst others, might also be. So let us know if you’re interested and maybe we can get a PH3 team together on some or any of them?

1.   March 24, Wiggle Bike ride: Godalming: £26

2.   April 21, Wiggle Bike ride: Epsom: £30

3.   April 28, Wiggle Bike ride: Dorking: £28

4.   Sun 16 June. £35pp. Registration opens 2 March. London to Brighton Cycle

5.   5 October. €249. Registration now open Half Ironman LanzaroteLazy Monkey and Tea Cosy are booked.

6.   Sat 7 September. €78. A boozy marathon with 21 wine stops along the way! Marathon du Medoc

The last one sounds like a real challenge!

So this weekend on Sunday 17th February 2013 the globetrotting Billy Graham, recently returned from the British Virgin Islands will be setting for us from The Swan, Ash Vale, Aldershot. The directions are on the homepage. I have no instructions on parking as reccying the run is still in the future but will be in the past before the run……anyway look out for instructions from the hare on the day or park on the road nearby.

I hope to see you there.

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