News: 22 May 2013

“……Reaching the top of the hill I sensed that some were ready to Spumante and Sparkly called for a regroup which we affected at walking pace……..”

Evening all,

Seems that the 2013 weather conditions are going to be ‘testing’ at best.  We had a fine time running round the wine last Sunday when we were in the grip of the grape, and whilst the weather has faded since I hope the same is not true of your memory of the run, which was a real corker.

A further reminder of a highlight of the early summer, in the shape of the PH3 Dorset Weekend featuring two runs on Saturday afternoon (at Cranborne) and our usual 11am Sunday run (at Studland). This courtesy of Billy Graham will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 2013. Let me or BG know if you want to come along. The list of participants continues to grow and includes Sparkly, Wally, Hipless, TIFM, Hawkeye, Uphill Gill, Paul Newman, Scooby Doo, Tea Cosy, Virgil, Venus, Robic and more?  For those unfamiliar with the routine we tend to descend on BG’s Dorset retreat and occupy the available beds, floor space and camp in the back garden if needed. There are also a couple of local B&B’s  – details available, just ask. Time to start planning now.

So this weekend on Sunday 26th May 2013 it may be a bank holiday weekend, but I strongly urge you to make time in your calendar for a run being set by Pis’t’man Pat from The Duke of Cumberland Arms, Henley, West Sussex. Sure it’s a bit of a trek from Guildford but if you’re looking for a bit of countryside and a fine pub for lunch…what better place than this. I promise you will not be disappointed.  See:

So why not make it a family day out?  Directions on the website.

I hope to see you there.

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