News: 23 January 2013

“…….There was also a profligacy of new shoes (at least 3 pairs) which I attribute to Christmas or the deleterious effects of the 2012 mud. Either way we were out to get a renewed grip on life…….”


This week the news has been piling up like snow drifts.  First up is my run report on the snow run that took place in some challenging conditions around Guildford on Sunday.  Woolly hats off to our hares Robic and Moondance for setting in such conditions and also to the runners with perhaps El Caudello claiming the bravado award for travelling the furthest.  See the run report below. You may notice that it is entitled “Hash hash…mush mush”, but I would like to point out that I am aware that mush mush is an affectation created by the movies and in fact the phraseology comes from the French -marché, marché as those French Canadians were really into their dogs apparently.  I’m pointing this out just in case anyone felt it necessary to mention it. But I digress……

The snow defeated Paul Newman and Uphill Gill from making it along to the hash this week (though apparently they ran 10 miles round Dorking instead!), but the previous week they completed an 8 mile MABAC race through Windsor Great Park recording times of 59.56 (nicely under the hour) and 1hr 5min respectively.

Now I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of things on the website. Firstly, Secret Squirrel may be still clearing up from our Christmas party but Sparkly has now uploaded an album of photos of the event, so if your memory of the day is a little hazy and I hope it was you can refresh it here. Next I cannot commend highly enough the following short video. Basically this is an automated animation of a hasher trying to explain hash running to a non-hasher. I think you call it laugh out loud these days. Enjoy!

So with that pile of issues out of the way, we move on to this weekend when on Sunday 27th January 2013 Pis’t’man Pat (some say Poet after last weeks’ run report) will be setting for us from The Drummond Arms, Albury. Directions are on the homepage.

I think the forecast if for a continued melt, but if there are any extreme weather conditions I will aim to update the website at 9:30am on Sunday morning in the usual fashion.

I hope to see you there.

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