News: 27 March 2013

“…….preferring to swim across another paddock and slurp our way up a slope past some bemused looking highland cattle. Bemused by us or bemused by being in Surrey, but surely they must be-used to the weather…….”


Running last weekend was “challenging” as I’m sure was setting the run in the first place. Therefore it was surprising that TIFM was able to find enough dry land on which to place his sawdust, before we duly waded by later on.  You can read my run report below.

A couple of pieces of news to bring you this week, first up is a reminder that the 2013 Clandon Park Run will be taking place on Saturday 20th April with the start/finish in George Abbot School and the 10k run largely off road and within the Clandon Park Estate. Registration is open and importantly the early bird discount expires on 31st March.  Click here for entry details. Myself and Harvey are already registered.

Last weekend Jonno Groans was absent from the hash but actively participating in a “running” event, namely the Where’s Wally fun run in London in aid of The National Literacy Trust. You can see some pictures here, Jonno Groans is easy to spot, he’s the one wearing the red and white striped top! More importantly why didn’t our very own Wally take part?

Perhaps a more gruelling event in London will be the London Marathon which this year will include both Paul Newman and Uphill Gill. To support their efforts both are raising funds for worthwhile causes and would welcome any support you can give them.  I have included a note from the dynamic duo below at the bottom of the email, but you can also read it on the website here  Noteworthy, for me at least is that Paul has run 14 marathons despite having type 1 diabetes and Gill has never run an on road marathon before.  Anyway – please help them with their fundraising if you feel able.

A further reminder of the quick survey about what you think/want from a possible new website: Speak now or forever hold………………

This weekend on Sunday 31st March 2013 we are sticking close to home but in other areas being adventurous in that it will be a debutant hare Nat the Hat supported by Sparkly who will be setting from The Seahorse, Shalford. Nat has set runs before, in Germany. So you’ll have to come along and see if she can cope with setting on the other side of the footpath…… Directions below on the homepage.

Also PLEASE NOTE: The CLOCKS GO FORWARD 1 HOUR on Saturday evening, so don’t be late for the run J

It also being Easter Sunday, I am scheduled to be elsewhere, so please make it along to the run if you can and support our debutant hare.

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