News: 5 December 2012

“To be is to do. —Socrates. To do is to be. —Plato. Do-be-do-be-do. —Sinatra”.

Evening – So the (extended) waiting is over and we’ve completed 1500(and some) runs and our official 1500th run is at the weekend – see details below.

Meanwhile run 1499c was set by Dusty and despite the clash with the Hogsback Run and other affairs, it drew a reasonable crowd.  Please see Pis’t’man Pat’s entertaining report (does he write any other sort?) of the event at.

So, not at the run this weekend was Heavenly Blonde who was completing the aforementioned Hogsback Road Race and did so in a time of 1hr 6min. However she was pipped by very occasional PH3 runner Mafia Shades who clocked 1hr 4min. Also in attendance were Jonno Groans, Cinderella and Prince Charming who recorded times of 57min 11sec, 1hr 9mins and 56mins 29sec. So bragging rights restored after Luzern….except for the notable time of Alex Mogford (brother to Prince Charming) who pipped them all at 54min 47sec! Well done to all.

News also this week of Belisha & Diego with the former having incurred an Achilles injury, that has delayed her from running. But things seem to be on the mend as she’s entered the London Olympic Triathlon course…I assume for next year. So we’ll see them back some time.  Promised returns this weekend are 12rena and Hotspur……

So this weekend on Sunday 9th December 2012 we will be celebrating a landmark point in our history, 1500 runs (and Xmas too).  Remember, what passes for PH3 today began running in 1981. Fuelled on enthusiasm, fresh air and a good helping of beer, over 30 years later we’re still at it every Sunday….. This weekend we are very kindly being hosted by one of our former Grandmasters Secret Squirrel and his wife Anita. I am hopeful that runners past and present will attend for some or all of the festivities (see below). But a brief reminder of what I need from you:

·         If you have volunteered to make a salad or pudding – please bring it along

·         Bring your party outfit to change into after the run

·         If you have any to hand, a couple of fold up chairs/stools might help with the seating arrangements

·         And in order to cover the costs of food, barrel of beer, wine, soft drinks etc – I’ll be collecting money on the day. Rough calculations suggest that this needs to be about £18 for serious drinkers, £12 for drivers, non-alcoholic consumption. I’ll accept reasonable offers for anyone just stopping for a short while. So please bring some cash J

So the arrangements for the day are:

10:45am Assemble at 1, Tilehouse Road for a pre-run glass of mulled wine
10:46am I will attempt to distribute 1500th run t-shirts to those who have ordered one.
11:00am  (or thereabouts) Take to the trail for a run
12noon The party begins…..
…….the party finishes?

So the venue is 1 TILEHOUSE ROAD, SHALFORD, GU4 8AP.

If you have any queries about the event, you can contact me or the hare.

Hope to see you there.

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