News: 6 March 2013

“……The next part is all a bit of a blur in my memory (and also the hare’s understanding)………..there were still about two miles to go, and it was already well past 12 o’clock, sensible girl Belisha was by this time sitting in the hare’s car (ignoring the advice of her mother all those years ago not to accept lifts from strange men).”


As occasionally happens, it is nice to know that despite my absence, the running goes on – just. And to support that statement I offer exhibit A – which is the run report crafted by Secret Squirrel for which my thanks. As it happened on Sunday I was due to fly off in the early afternoon so was relaxing at Hawkeye-towers when my phone went at 10:30am.  On the other end was a slightly exasperated hare (Pis’t’man Pat) who in a semi-incoherent ramble relayed some information to me about sealed instructions being left on the rear wheel of his car and the need for the pack to use an electric gate??  All this before I managed to tell him that I wasn’t coming to the run! Anyway, SS has it covered in the run report so give it a read. You’ll also be pleased to know that I’ve amended the directions to the venue!

The final of the G3 series took place last Saturday on a hilly course around Newland Corner. In this Heavenly Blonde DNS – I think I heard rumours of man flu?, Tea Cosy completed the course in 57min48sec, ‘New Ben’ DNS and Mafia Shades DNS.  So I think by a process of attrition/elimination Tea Cosy takes the PH3 prize for being the only person to complete all three in the G3! 

If your short-term memory is up to it, you may recall that last week I postulated about the possibility that Prince Charming was snapped on his stag do in Switzerland wearing a meerkat onesie. In a bizarre twist, it turns out that my imagination is not as farfetched as I (and others) may think. Witness the photo below of Prince Charming in a onesie……….don’t they know you find penguins at the South Pole, not the Swiss Alps?


This weeks’ multi-media gem is also playing on mainstream TV channels, but the joy of this weblink is that you get to chose the musical style to which the horses rock out. Enjoy!

So this weekend, on Sunday 10th March 2013 we are pleased to welcome back into the fold Hotspur who has chosen a favourite haunt of The Crown Inn, Chiddingfold.  The directions are on the homepage.

I hope to see you there for a gossip and a catch up, oh and a run!

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