News: 8 May 2013

“……If you want to see a hash come to a full stop then all you need is someone running back down a trail when they are some 300yds from the nearest circle, looks of ‘have we just missed the cross’ and ‘*** that for a long falsie!’ were on their faces……..”


I don’t know about you but there are a few key markers in the week that individually mark the passing of time. For me it’s not Friday night clocking off as my job role/location are quite variable or a Saturday night as I plan to be too drunk to remember. Therefore, apart from the run itself on a Sunday the Wednesday email is one of those markers. I guess they might have some use to you, especially on a bank holiday week? Yes its Wednesday already.  Anyway, yet again I sit down to pass on the weekly update and I think – heck what has happened in the last week. I guess it’s also part of the nature of such a diverse group as PH3 that there are sometimes both joyful and very sorrowful news. This week being a case in point.

The sad new is to report the passing of Hayley, daughter to Flo-Jo and Rubberlegs founder and former Grandmaster. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you both. For those interested I’ve been informed that the funeral will take place on Friday 17th May 2.30 pm at St Mary the Virgin, Shalford. Bright clothing only, no flowers but donations to Beacon centre via

On Sunday the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming took place in Wonersh – seemingly without a hitch, if you’ll excuse the pun and a few PH3 were delighted to attend the ceremony and join in the celebrations at the evening function. There are some lovely photos posted on our website here courtesy of Billy Graham  and I think Sparkly. They looked like they had a fine old time, as did we. Some more than others I’m told, though as I had to depart before the ‘last coaches’ I wasn’t there to bear witness. I hope the happy couple are having a relaxing honeymoon and will return eager to run soon.

The other news of the week comes from Paul Newman who clearly wasn’t relaxing after the London marathon and took part in the Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon 400m/25km/8km swim/bike/run.  I know the obvious question is why? Anyway as reported by Paul “with an 8:30am swim start it was just starting to get warm as I returned from the swim to complete a hilly bike course…….and then felt good for the first half of the run before fatigue set in”. I’m tired just reading this!

My thanks to Sparkly who took up the option/drew the short straw to write about my run on Sunday. It was also a short run designed to get people warmed up for the later wedding.  You can read the run report, and also ponder on the appropriate hash name for Ben……

Don’t forget that there will a PH3 Dorset Weekend featuring two runs on Saturday afternoon (at Cranborne) and our usual Sunday run (at Studland). This courtesy of Billy Graham will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July 2013. Let me or BG know if you want to come along.

So this weekend on Sunday 12th May 2013 it will be our annual Bluebell Run from our usual venue of Yew Tree Farm, Polesden Lacey, courtesy of Sorry John. Hopefully the timing for the bluebells is just right and definitely one not to miss. I hope to see you there.

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