News: 17 January 2013

“…….Our hare had been ruthless, it’s OK for him, He can eat like a pig and still he stays thin, We wallowed and waddled, we huffed and we puffed, And up he kept popping – looking too bloody chuffed…….”

Evening – well the privilege of being your esteemed organiser (if there is such a thing) is to be able to edit any run report and opine on any subject I see fit.  But contrary to the predilections of Fleet Street I wield my editorial pen with uncommon restraint. Indeed I have one detractor known as Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells who clearly doesn’t think I wield it enough or with the grammatical accuracy he would like and frequently tales to the website to make is views plain.  And he may have a point, “you” were all kind enough to bestow a gift upon me at Christmas and I admit that after a glass or two of that whilst compiling the weekly missive, my editorial skills might not be quite like they oughta. But fear not I’ll be sober by the Spring…..

Whether Pis’t’man Pat was sober when he wrote this weeks’ run report on my run in Horsley, is frankly hard to tell. And I can assure you I’ve not edited this at all….it was always that far out to start with!

It seems that one of my editorial inaccuracies last week was to suggest that Tea Cosy and Heavenly Blonde were imminently entering the G3 Series at Newlands Corner when in fact they only start this Saturday and continue on 9 February 2013 – 08.30 and 2 March 2013 – 08.30. See: for details. Apparently it threw some people into confusion but didn’t fool the runners into a dry run!

It seems my comments in last weeks’ run report about horses only being fit for the table not stable, might have been somewhat prescient: Or as 12rena commented “I see the burgers at Tesco are low in fat but high in Shergar” or “Been to Tesco cafe, just ordered a burger. The waitress asked whether I wanted anything on it. So I had a fiver each way”!

If you look to the foot of this mail you’ll see that were are short a couple of hares to keep us going till mid-March so if you feel the urge to volunteer, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

So to this weekend on Sunday 20th January 2013, Moondance will be setting for us and has chosen the delightful but suburban location of The Kings Head, Stoke Road, Guildford. Directions below on the homepage – note the recommendation to park in Guildford College Car Park.

There are rumours of snow, so if anything extraordinary happens that could affect our run on Sunday, I will post something on the website. So logon for a snow update…..

I hope to see you there.

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