Non Run 3 (due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Home is the where the art is ……….

Scribed by Hawkeye

Public Health warning I: when things get to such an extreme, you either laugh or cry. I choose the former, I hope you do too. If not, do not read on, this is not for you………………..

Week three….hello, hello is anybody out there………Yes reality bites as novelty hikes.

Hashing by design is a communal activity, so in extremis and in isolation the inveterate hasher may be feeling a little lost. So here’s a sideways glance at the world today……

  • Given the confines we’re all under it seems lots of people have turned to jogging, whereas hopefully you’re carrying on running. Struggling to tell the difference… runners run because we love running whereas joggers jog because they love cake.
  • Though I’d be surprised if you can actually make a cake…been to the shops recently…..where the f**k’s all the yeast gone?
  • Befitting our usual standards – the PH3 What’s App group has remained dominated by poor taste memes, quizzes and many manifestations of mid-life crisis. It’s all good fun though and even went a little high-brow with Gingerly Rogers’ attempt to inject some art/culture into the midst. I await more entries.
  • And whilst waiting I’ll continue pondering Pis’t’man Pat’s proposed and at this stage virtual boozer – The Pis’t’mans Pleasure. Which would no doubt deliver virtually no profits!
  • Something I thought I’d never say but having washed my hands with a fervour only previously seen by Lady Macbeth I now fully appreciate the qualities of good/expensive hand creams!
  • On the subject of webcams – I think they need to be re-categorized. Out would go the pixel count and in would come a ‘days shaving rating’ i.e. can I get away without shaving for x number of days on this quality of webcam image. Personally I’d purchase nothing less than a 2 rating.
  • And finally I am slightly alarmed to note that my daily paper is offering “Free home delivery for 12 weeks”. Do they know something we don’t, I hope not!

So to coin a popular phrase this week, ‘we’ll meet again’ – don’t know where, don’t know when.

And this week I leave you with a small extract from a bygone age – run 1452, where the incomparable 80/AT/Accidental Tourist described my local boozer.

Stay safe, stay sane and hash alone. On on while in in.

Run Report 1452: Lager Lager everywhere, and not a drop (of beer) to drink

Scribed by 80

Some locations are so iconic they come to represent a culture, a sport or a nation. Mount Fuji, the Grand Canyon, Ayres Rock, Augusta, Monza, Iguazu Falls, Lords, Madison Square Garden, The Great Wall, and of course, The Horse and Groom. Nothing quite encompasses the true nature of hashing like this pub. When you see the Horse and Groom on the forthcoming attractions list, your heart leaps, your step quickens, the sun shines and Wayne Rooney’s hair grows back.

The sense of anticipation builds in the days leading up to the great event. Then finally dawn breaks, and the wait is over. You pass the speed camera and the petrol station. You see the leeks and onions in the allotments. You almost taste the seventeen types of lager on offer. You smell the running shoes, and the stagnant water bottle you forgot to rinse out the previous weekend. And you’re there!

Public Health warning II: this is written more for my sanity than yours.  If you are missing a regular run report, just go to the PH3 iPlayer at where into the Search box you can add any hash number (below 1884), a venue, a hare, a hasher, you name it – and receive a blast from the PH3 past!

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