Non Run 4 (due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Who’s zoomin who…..

Scribed by Hawkeye

Public Health warning I: when things get to such an extreme, you either laugh or cry. I choose the former, I hope you do too. If not, do not read on, this is not for you………………..

Week four….now I am a creature of habit, but you can have too much of a good thing…….

Hashing by design is a communal activity, so in extremis and in isolation the inveterate hasher may be feeling a little lost. So here’s a sideways glance at the world today……

  • Never been a big fan of the work of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, but he got something right when he said “There are decades when nothing happens and then there are weeks when decades happen”.
  • Given the continuing good weather, I am now reflecting on an education wasted. So much for this complex carbon cycle and global ecosystem. It seems as simple as shut off large parts of industry and confine people to home and the instant reduction in NOx SOx and CO2 means it stops raining for three weeks! Be warned whenever we’re allowed out again – take a brolly.
  • My lockdown DIY project moves beyond its third week, social distancing has been easy to enforce as the current Mrs Hawkeye and daughter have refused to help out. Some materials have been in short supply, but given my frequent handwashing and manual labour, I’ve been able to get by without sandpaper and rub down the floorboards to good effect with my bare hands.
  • From my home office window I have also been able to see the road divided into the ‘have slots’ and the ‘have not slots’. Some even having to use Tesco’s. Troubled times indeed.
  • The ‘cake club with a cycling problem’ now meets up for a weekly Zoom virtual café where training regimes, gear ratios and the like a discussed. Not.
  • Running has become a constant companion, a time to reflect, let the essentials take root and the flotsam of daily life float away.
  • So I now have my own regular Covid-11. 11K and am able to prepare for golfing in later life as I roam free all over the golf courses of Merrow and Clandon, without the handicap of any players.
  • And should I be lucky enough to leave the house before my mid-morning coffee, I now have the perfect excuse as cover for my congenital pre-coffee grumpiness….and just cross the road to avoid people whether I know them or not. Anti-social distancing maybe.

So at the risk of missing an end to any lockdown, like the Japanese soldiers dug into the hills in some Philippines Island for 29yrs after the end of WWII, I’ll keep glued to the PH3 what’s app group for informed and insightful commentary

Stay safe, stay sane and hash alone. On on while in in.

Public Health warning II: this is written more for my sanity than yours.  If you are missing a regular run report, just go to the PH3 iPlayer at where into the Search box you can add any hash number (below 1884), a venue, a hare, a hasher, you name it – and receive a blast from the PH3 past!

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