Non Run 2 (due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Hashing, a time to be unseen and not herd……….

Scribed by Hawkeye

Public Health warning I: when things get to such an extreme, you either laugh or cry. I choose the former, I hope you do too. If not, do not read on, this is not for you………………..

Week two in the Big Brother house and I suspect that reality (not the TV type) is starting to sink in. Running has now become a necessarily solitary affair where it is best to be ‘unseen and not herd’. Indeed I can only encourage you to use your extensive knowledge of Surrey’s highways and byways to find a quiet spot for some exercise if you can.

Hashing by design is a communal activity, so in extremis and in isolation the inveterate hasher may be feeling a little lost. So here’s a sideways glance at the world today……

  • I will soon need to invest in an even wider screen TV, as the social distancing on the BBC Breakfast sofa, literally goes to new lengths
  • And forget the Tokyo Olympics, come the summer there will be competitive boom mic handling as the TV sound man flexes his/her ever growing muscles to pick up a vox pop from >2 metres!
  • Covid conspiracy theories have been rife, one that I like (might have just started) is that Covid-19 is the invention of the Dastardly Stephen Fry who has sought to confine the world and thereby engender renewed interest in quizzing. Judging by the daily fevered activity on the PH3 App- his evil plan has worked!
  • Coincidence of the week is the announcement of the infection of the PM and Health Secretary on the very same day that the Govt finally announced the commencement of testing – just saying
  • It also occurred to me that the council could turn off the street lights a few hours earlier – no one would notice. And there’s going to be a ‘baby boom’ in December anyway?? I’ll skip over the possible evolution of the divorce stats…………..
  • So carry on running, I swear I heard a government minister say this week that it was appropriate to go out daily for a 1hr walk or a 30 minute run….WTF??!
  • Personally I’d like clarity on whether, if someone in my household doesn’t go out one day….can I go out twice…..or the time can be banked for a longer time out at the weekend. We should be told.
  • So in case things get worse, I’ve just ordered a dog lead on the internet and will take it with me whenever I go out running…..
  • And with all that being said, I bet that…..…..soon we’ll even be desperate enough to talk about Brexit again!

So have a great week and if you’re able to work from home, do so. In the Hawkeye family my office has been turned into a Returning Office to broadcast Sussex University election results and to host a twice weekly pub quiz!  I’m amazed there’s time for me to get in there and work/shirk as usual.

Stay safe, stay sane and hash alone. On on while in in.

Public Health warning II: this is written more for my sanity than yours.  If you are missing a regular run report, just go to the PH3 iPlayer at where into the Search box you can add any hash number (below 1884), a venue, a hare, a hasher, you name it – and receive a blast from the PH3 past!

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