PH3/GH3: Bob Feltham Memorial Hash, The Percy Arms, Chilworth

Scribed by Hawkeye

Following hot on the heels this week, Monday evening marked the rare occasion of a joint PH3/GH3 hash in memory of Bob Feltham aka Groper. Of course Bob ran with both hashes and was heavily involved with the Dorking and Mole Valley Athletics Club – so a numerous and diverse representation from all groups turned out. Testament to the impression he made on so many. A roll call was not possible but perhaps 50-60+ people turned up. Some to run, some to walk, all to raise a glass.

Robin Hood made an excellent hare and support for Call Girl and was apparently under strict instructions to keep it short and keep it away from the most vertical slopes. Unusually for a memorial event there were to be no crosses to mark the occasion, just as Bob would have wanted. But what will act as a lasting memorial is the plaque placed on the bench against the wall of St Martha’s church, a place which Groper and Call Girl liked to visit. I encourage you all to stop by and reflect at some point.

On the evening, in the dark having navigated the climb and after a few brief words, RH laid the first of many circles in which Bob was directly involved. An over-enthusiastic interest from an attendant dog made for a near tragi-comic moment but thankfully Dingers reined in his canine companion just in time! So from therein on whilst Groper was scattered across the hillside, his final act brought most of the pack in a much more orderly fashion than any of his numerous outings as hare ever did! I’d like to think he was smiling down on that small irony.

We will all have our own memories of Bob, for me I recall once likening PH3 and GH3 styles to the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League, then deciding that Groper’s setting was more akin to Gaelic football! I also fondly recall staggering drunkenly round Dorking after a beer festival together that culminated in 8 people trying to get into Scooby’s car. But my first strong and abiding memory was what might have been the first run Bob set for PH3 in Brockham, circa 2013  which I described as “Mad geese and the PH3 go out for a midday swim……….’ Featuring as it did the notorious ‘back-check’. After this I tried to rename him Mad Goose. And despite a dogged persistence on my part, the continued steely glare any time it was mentioned told me more than any words could that Groper it was and Groper it would always be……

Following some GH3 post-run shenanigans the sizeable pack then took over the patio deck and settled into to drink, chat, reminisce and consume the never ending supply of chips! All in all a fitting end to a lovely evening. Call Girl continues to support HASAG, the asbestos disease support charity so if you weren’t able to donate on the evening, or have a few £ to spare in memory of Groper please visit  

You could even post your own memories of Bob below in the comments section…….?

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