Run Report 1502: Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary

Na zdrowie!*

Scribed by Spark(l)y

On a surprisingly mild day and in an uncustomary gap in the relentless rain of recent weeks a healthy number of PH3-ers took time out from their Christmas preparations to support Tea Cosy’s efforts, though it was probably more of an attempt to create a calorific deficit to allow for the forthcoming feast. They were Wally, Scoobydoo, Billy Elliot, Dissa, Pis’t’man Pat, Uphill Gill, Paul Newman, TIFM, El Caudello, Dusty, Heavenly Blonde, Lazy Monkey, & your scribe, Spark(l)y. Our hare didn’t have many instructions for us other than that it was a bit muddy in places and that he’d altered his planned route considerably to avoid as much of it as possible.

El Caudello set off early, only to have to come back from a falsie to the start, and then find that had he stayed on the falsie he would have eventually found himself on the right track! Some of us had lead in our legs – the over-trained Scoobydoo, for example, but others had a spring in their step, e.g. Uphill Gill who shared the news that she had won a place to run in the London Marathon. The hare kept us guessing with frequent changes of directions which meant equally frequent changes of Front Runners and he was on hand to make sure that all the falsies were checked out before eventually calling the On On. This even included him actually running some of the falsies so as not to give the game away! I detected a sadistic streak in someone whom I had always thought of as benign and kindly. In fact, Lazy Monkey divulged enroute that on a recent drinking jamboree in Poland with Tea Cosy he discovered a definite Jekyll and Hyde character lurking under that gentle exterior. It’s vodka, apparently, to blame! They do say ‘watch out for the quiet ones!’ At one point I thought he was going to have us mown down my mountain bikers as we were on ‘their’ territory, but thankfully blood and gore were averted as he channelled us elsewhere. There was mud still, of course, but not as much as in recent weeks; either that or we have become inured to it by now.

Just as Scoobydoo was loosening up and getting into his stride, we were back home! Whilst he was complaining of ‘finishing too soon’ – (er, Scoobydoo – that’s too much detail!), others were suspiciously looking for the trick, but no, it was indeed a short run at 4.12 miles, and that includes a fair few falsies!

Verdict: A thoughtful and considerate run, made interesting with liberal use of zig-zagging that kept us very well together. Thank you TC.

In The Pub: Doombar, Seafarers and Youngs were consumed along with copious bowls of chips, which meant that with the short run and all those calories, none of us were in calorific deficit in time for Christmas! Ah well, we still enjoyed it all. Cheers!

* pronounced ‘Naz-droh-vee-ay’ Polish for ‘Cheers!’


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