Run Report 1876: Shere Village CP, Shere

Shere heart attack………………*

Scribed by Hawkeye

Dear Friends – Shere has a mysteriously magnetic property which attracts hordes of people at the weekend. And so it proved for PH3 with 23 runners and walkers in attendance. It feels like an early run in 2020 to set the high water mark, but with a summer (100/1900) celebration pending I remain hopeful it’ll be bested. The pack, sufficient enough to give the hares a ‘Shere heart attack’ included; Wally, Lady Chatterley, Uphill Gill, Paul Newman, Rest and Relaxation (aka daughter of UG and boyfriend), Factor 30, Robin Hood and hounds, Robic, Moondance, Pis’t’man Pat, Ginger Nuts, Nomad, Needy, Sticky Balls, Hawkeye, Call Girl, TIFM, Scooby Doo, Madonna, Ayrton Senna. (oh…and Easily Overlooked, hiding behind her name as usual…Ed). Somewhere on the trail were SJ and four-footed friends and Sparkly with Jassy.

Assembling in a chaotic carpark it was PP who was first to catch my eye with the look of ‘Now I’m Here’, and to be fair he has been ill for a few weeks. Thankfully he was able to quash the rumour that when he visited his doctor the prognosis was that yes he was ill and furthermore ‘it’s maybe unwise to buy green bananas, just in case’! The eagle eyed reader (who he or she??) will have noticed that there were new hash runners in our midst, arriving mainly from Crawley and why wouldn’t you for such a delightful venue as this.

The hares briefed us and we limbered up to leave. Leaving the village with a boat has been a real possibility in recent months, but thankfully the recent rains have ceased, so we took the BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic) instead. Having spotted the first circle as we drove in (and told my fellow passengers) I was amazed to see them continue up the hill – Stone Cold Crazy I’d say. The route looped back into the village and across the Tillingbourne but not before I’d tested the direct route towards Silent Pool which proved to be a Misfire.

Eventually breaking out of the village we tried to head up towards Little London but with a large and largely unfamiliar pack and now a fluorescent pack of cross country walkers (on a thirty mile trail) in the mix – frankly we were In the Lap of the Gods. We eventually arrived at the road to cross out towards Albury Heath sports field and our regroup. Amongst the new runners debate had started as to who was Rest and which one was Relaxation? ‘New Rob’ had declared he was not a runner and ‘New Rachel’ that she preferred to take it easy in the winter months, so who was running with the rest of the pack and who was relaxing?

The trail was anything but relaxing as it continued to test and confuse a sizeable pack, with falsies set courtesy of that Killer Queen – Venus. We recrossed the road and headed down behind the King William IVth. Whilst it is often said, on this occasion I believe it to be true that all of the c20 runners took a turn in the lead. There was some incredulity (on Scooby Doo’s part) at heading away from the Pink Willy (I assume for reasons of beer rather than trail), but we headed under the railway line and through the horse fields, so that Robic could take in some Lily of the Valley and explore some more dead ends.

The falsie across the level crossing was naughty, but only explored by AS and so we headed up to the railway line and that deep cutting. Front running with Moondance, Robic, AS and Madonna I considered the options for an on in and got it wrong. Thus with a Flick of the Wrist Moondance was away and largely unseen until the end. The actual on in brought us back to Shere via the outskirts of Gomshall where PP was somehow reincorporated. On the way we enjoyed the sweeping views and firm footing. As AS and Mad were post G3 race two and in recovery mode I was able to stay ahead of them and guessed correctly that we rentered the village through the church and home. It finished with Moondance on a mission and it was left to Moondance to Bring Back That Leroy Brown.

VERDICT: Quite devilish in the detail and downright nastiness that kept a large (but inexperienced in each other’s company) pack fully occupied throughout. Many thanks to Virgil and Venus our ever present and effervescent hares.

IN THE PUB: We strode up the High Street to the William Bray (apart from F30 who had run to the start of the run before the hash and was now feeling the effects) to reflect on a morning well spent. A buzzy and busy pub, but a pub with an atmosphere and some (nearly sufficient) space to sit and drink beer. We were joined by ‘New Susie’ who lays claim to Jassy. The beer was pleasant and plentiful with their own brand and Shere Drop to name a few. Chips were supplied by the hares (again) and we got to know some of the hashing visitors, a little.

And that concludes this weeks’ run. In case it was ever in doubt I’d just like to state that on 31st January I’ll be smoking a Big Ben bong to dull the pain of being a citizen of the second most stupid country in the world. On on!

* …………..With thanks to a full album’s worth of Queen song titles!……….

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