Run Report 1945: The Plough, Effingham

A very generous bunch……

Scribed by Hawkeye

They say a volunteer is worth a thousand pressed men, and I suspect that following an inclement morning staggering round the woods, Tea Cosy was wishing he’d remained amongst the horde of the unpressed. But a small and thankful pack turned up in Effingham to carry on hashing, to plough on regardless. This included TIFM, walking round on his own, ITB and Call Girl walking round together and Robin Hood, Trip Advisor, Venus, Cynthia and Hawkeye with plans to stick together. So not the most generous pack, but one determined to test Tea Cosy’s trail.

The hare made a timely appearance to chivvy up his charges and foretold of two regroups ahead. With drizzle swirling around, we headed off. The cultural highlight of the day came early on as we visited St Lawrence Church and the predictable cross, just one of many in the churchyard. The culinary highlight was obviously set to be the post-run chips, but the smell of bacon butties wafting from the nearby rugby pitches set a high bar.

We made it to the A246 and somehow made is across and onto Beech Avenue. This went uphill and despite some side temptations to which I succumbed, it kept going uphill. Venus handed over the lead to Trip Advisor who upon reaching a circle pulled the ‘I have to tie my shoelaces’ trick to set me up as FRB. But on this occasion I won out as having spotted the parallel route towards the golf course, the remainder chose to leave me to my own devices. Five minutes later, borderline hyper thermic, having crossed the golf course and having taken in all of the view at the voluntary regroup – the pack eventually caught up with me.

The next section took us out of the wind and after some initial stray running, members of this tightly knit group once again showed their generosity by letting me take the lead (!) We marked our first Lovelace Bridge of the day (under) before circumnavigating a large field by way of a very muddy path, my new trainers were not impressed. At this point CG and ITB headed on a more direct route as the ‘generous’ pack let me continue over Crocknoth Road to fanny around in Dick Focks Common. This brought two more Lovelace bridges (under and over) upon which Venus led us to the second regroup. The view from the bridge was rather vertiginous and confirms what a bastard of a hill climb the road beneath is upon two wheels!

The hare’s deviousness was not yet over and having survived elephant traps (freshly fallen leaves upon glutinous mud) we were treated to another panoramic open field and falsies that ultimately connected to the true trail! But the A246 drew us homeward and to Dirtham Lane where I spotted and hailed CG & ITB, getting the visual response that they were shortcutting. So headed into the woods once more only to join them on the on in a few minutes later. As we gathered back at the Plough it became clear that Venus and Trip Advisor running together had inadvertently taken the last shortcut claiming that they mistook Hawkeye for Call Girl. I think this left both parties perplexed. As I said not a very generous bunch!

VERDICT: a doozy of a trail. As the hare admitted, it was set for a larger pack than attended, so perhaps took us longer than intended. But those that we able to make it along were well rewarded. Many thanks to TC for keeping the plough in the furrow for another week and we career towards the end of the year 2021.

IN THE PUB: I had allotted the next two hours to reccy my forthcoming run in an area nearby so was unable to stay and instead plodded round my route in freezing rain. Therefore TC was able to report the following:

– Shere Drop

– Fat chips with aioli mayo

– Robin Hood confirms next week’s Christmas party is on

– TIFM talked about his ligament woes but still plans to at least walk hashes

– The merits of the new bottom-up pint pouring system at White Hart Lane, and whether Virgil was benefiting from it.

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