Run Report 1948: Yew Tree Farm, Polesden Lacey

Twenty Twenty-Two, fine for a year….now we need the runners to match!

Scribed by Hawkeye

Hands up then…….who can remember seeing out 2020 thinking ‘thank god that’s over with’ only to repeat the whole exercise 12 months later! But on the bright side the traditional new year’s hash in 2022 was at least allowed to be a group event, whereas at this time in 2021 we were reduced to solitary (not even pod) running. So, I guess that passes as progress. Passing as the first pack of the year at Polesden Lacey were Wally, Sparkly, Virgil, Venus, Cynthia, Factor 30, Hawkeye, Uphill Gill and TIFM. TIFM had left the ranks of the walkers behind to once again set forth with the pack. The walking/jogging roster that remained contained ITB, Call Girl, Moondance and Robic. So hardly the twenty to twenty-two to match the year!

The hare had thoughtfully posted some instructions for early starters but without PP, I assume the post-box went untouched. We were advised that the worst of the mud had been avoided and a regroup provided. The hare had thankfully dispensed with ‘the first circle’ and instead dispatched us downhill into the Estate. And it wasn’t long before we were in a state as we slithered across the major tracks (currently being used for logging access) and escaped to the slightly drier footpaths. Unfortunately, this was the same MO as the plentiful ramblers, walkers and idlers that populate an NT property on a Sunday. Therefore, it made for a busy morning of nods and explanations…….and not clandestine route finding as someone implied!

We performed a pirouette to the East of the Estate before dropping down the lane, on which I’d battled earlier with dogs and prams. The newly used access to Yew Tree Farm from Ranmore is a major convenience for many, but ultimately just a ploy by the hare so that he can set more trails on the ‘main road’ with only inobservant attendees like me surprised when we run there! We ran below the house.

Along the valley our next choice was whether to continue along the valley or take an option either side, FRBs including F30, UG and Virgil did their best to find out and we jinked up the hill towards the house before dropping down again before Chapel Lane. Here thoughts turned to the promised regroup (on the edge of a field) and it duly came to pass. Virgil then depressed the group by explaining the most likely option that lay ahead which was a long and slippery climb up the valley before dropping back to Tanners Hatch and it duly came to pass.

The on in was a straight fight between a left turn and preamble around the woods before dropping down the lane, or a right turn and a jaunt across the fields with a view of the estate before entering SJ’s garden at the back. At the foot of the final climb Virgil and I agreed to go our separate ways and whoever got to the top first could have first ‘dibs’. I went right which was right and had the luxury of shuffling through the damp grass to clean the worst of the mud from my shoes as we all returned home safe.

VERDICT: It was good to get running again, and fantastic as ever to do it in the environs of Polesden. Our hare had promised a sub-five-mile route and it duly came to pass. Many thanks SJ, another great run and hopefully the mud will have subsided by the time we return for the bluebells. At the very least I’ll remember not to wear my carpet slippers to drive over in – popping in and out of the car to manage the gate, played havoc with the velour finish!

IN THE GARAGE: Before the post-run libations, Robic (now returned with Moondance) initiated a post-run stretching class which perhaps for the first time in twenty years even got TIFM involved! But, with Omicron still an existential threat the hare laid on an al fresco party in his garage! Same chips, different location. Sadly, I had to hightail it to Epsom for more seasonal overindulgence with the in-laws. But I felt all the better to have the first run of the year under my (elasticated) belt. On on

Just like a garage party in the eighties, but with chips!

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  1. ‘Just like a garage party in the eighties, but with chips!’ …It was worse than that…it was Tea & Chips! No beer/alcoholic beverages were consumed at all!

    Hopefully this is just a temporary blip for a ‘Drinking Club with a running problem!’

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