Run Report 1961: Albury Heath Cricket Ground

Something that rhymed with duckedy-duck-duck

Scribed by Tea Cosy

The PH3 Notices group went into overdrive this week with the warning that Surrey H3 were running from the same location as PH3. Whilst hares Virgil & Venus kindly offered to set elsewhere, the consensus was a PH3 sawdust trail and a Surrey H3 flour trail were quite compatible. So along for this week’s seemingly simple hash were Tea Cosy, Wally, Trip Advisor, Dusty, Easily Overlooked, TIFM, Robin Hood, plus walkers Sorry John, Call girl and Spark(l)y. There were was gentle banter with the other group (Wally telling one of the Surrey lot that they’d probably still be out on the course at 2pm because of their slow running) but we generally kept ourselves to ourselves. Dusty mentioned he’d heard some story about someone even running the wrong hash. Who would do such a foolish thing? I was quick to defend my actions all those years ago. As we neared 11 o’clock, it was a reassuring sight to see hare Venus meet us for the start. That confidence was quickly dashed when she told us that Northants H3 were also nearby AND setting in sawdust. Apparently the Northants H3 hare on hearing that we were also setting in sawdust kept saying something that rhymed with duckedy-duck-duck. Our hares had taken the decision to set a ‘P’ alongside each circle to identify our route but no guarantees were given that this all the way through the route. So with some trepidation, off we trotted.

We found a circle near the entrance and the majority confidently ran out of the Cricket Ground entrance, whilst a couple veered left to find a falsie. Back we all came to veer right instead, crossing New Road into semi-heathland. Any lead I had was quickly dashed by taking a couple of falsies left, allowing the group to nicely form back together again. Back over New Road we crossed before the sound of gunfire to the right of the circle meant everyone wanted to understandably run left instead. But no, our hares had other plans and once more unto the breach we headed. There was clay pigeon shooting going on and the hares steered us neatly around to have a clear vantage point to watch. From there we meandered through woodland before popping out on Sandy Lane, where Dusty was on fine form as he led us towards Blackheath. I got caught out on the next couple of circles which allowed Easily Overlooked and Trip Advisor to join as FRBs. It was then that we came across the multitude of circles and then Northants H3 walkers coming in the opposite direction. Whilst there could have been total carnage, somehow it worked. There was only one occasion where the circle was too close to foliage which made it hard to kick the circle. Fortunately we were close enough together that we could always see the runner ahead. Our hares adding ‘P’ to each circle enabled us to follow our trail despite places where three separate trails were marked. We took an informal regroup on the open heath of Blackheath and TIFM decided that the P next to our circles was in fact ‘OP’ for ‘Old People’. Maybe Surrey H3 should have been running our run?
We then headed back across the heath where Tea Cosy guessed correctly on a few circles which allowed him to briefly lead, before a wrong turning allowed Dusty used his local knowledge to take first place. Tea Cosy’s eventually caught Dusty up, and blessed with crossing before a train, allowed him to storm on ahead. Plenty of circles kept the pack guessing, and before we knew it we were safely back on Albury Cricket Ground near enough at midday.

VERDICT: A wonderful run with plenty of circles to keep it interesting and hold the group together. To deal with one other hash run is bad enough, but two hash runs was downright cruel. Our hares quick-thinking to specially mark every circle for us was very much appreciated. A very big thank you to Virgil & Venus. I just about forgive you now for that wet Pirbright run!

IN THE PUB: After finding out the Albury Cricket Clubhouse was serving beer, it was swiftly decided to stay put. Robin Hood accidentally took out the clubhouse donations device by walking into it but the staff were friendly enough to know that we were decent folk (unlike the Surrey H3 mob). Camden Hells and Pale ale were on tap, and whilst there were no chips, packets of crisps were aplenty. We basked in the occasional sunshine outside and watched the Surrey H3 lot plod across to the finish over the next hour. On on.


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