Run Report 1967: The Hare and Hounds, Rowledge

A right royal hash……

Hare and Hounds sporting the red, white and blue……

Scribed by Hawkeye

Sundays don’t often form the final day of a four-day public holiday, but it had been a right royal weekend, and anyone sober enough to run or with a stiff upper lip still intact were invited to the Hare and Hounds Rowledge for a joint hash – a time when the whole country could come together in celebration – well Haslemere and Pis’toff’en Hash House Harriers at least. Arriving early and noting that despite being on Fullers Road, it wasn’t a Fullers pub, everything else otherwise looked promising, if a little drizzly.

Somewhat appropriately on this platinum jubilee weekend H4 and PH3 combined to mark Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. From H4 there were Marathow our hare, Iskneesrbuggered, Chastity Belt, Lost Fart, Forget me not, Head Boy and GM Ayatollah. PH3 were represented by Sparkly, Wally, Call Girl, Sorry John, Hawkeye, ITB, Cynthia, Lady Chatterley and Tea Cosy. Somewhere in between was ‘new Karen’ now known as Mudlark and the dream team was complete. Some or other attempts had been made to sport red, white and blue with varying degrees of success. As the phrase goes, ‘there are some things you can’t unsee’ and this applies to Wally’s union jack shorts, that made budgie smugglers look flappy! The man has no shame – well none that I could see anyway!!

Cynthia extended the broad beans of friendship, and the morning was set. A meeting of codes and a chance for confusion was deftly avoided as the hare briefed us that there were checks and after that any marking was an on trail. He then read a specially prepared jubilee poem. We don’t get this on the PH3!

A mixing and gregarious pack chatted its way out of the village and into the nether regions of Alice Holt. It’s a little-known fact that Alice Holt was the original inspiration for local boy Lewis Carroll’s Adventures in Wonderland, and we set off down our own rabbit hole to find out. A mixed pack, with a new setting style made for a somewhat ramshackle start to proceedings but we soon settled into a rhythm and tracked down non-falsies like a tory whip in leadership contest.

We broke the limits of Alice Holt on Boundary Road and passed by the Blue Bell Inn, our once intended venue for a voluntary regroup with a view. Here the front running TC, Mudlark and Hawkeye were joined by the twice married Lady Chatterley and an ensuing discussion about taking pictures of people wives’ t-shirts when someone was in them! Largely regrouped we tiptoed past delightful orchids before tackling the waist high grass and manhole combination that tested legs, head and ankles. Where we went next remains a mystery to me, like all good hashes – I got disorientated but recall sighting a fine Jacobean manor house, possibly (only Lost Fart would know) before a known section on Shortfield Common Road.

At the hare’s instruction we regrouped for a final time in the shadow of Frensham Heights where Ed Sheeran was seemingly making a final live rehearsal before his pageant appearance. The on in boarded on the illegal as we gently trespassed through the verdant public-school grounds and the advanced party of Mudlark, Tea Cosy and Hawkeye emerged on to ‘Long Road’ for a straight jog home.

VERDICT: Marathow did a sterling job of managing two groups and losing no one, not even LF. For my part, whilst I might have hashed a bit in my time, not much has been round here, therefore a real adventure in wonderland for me. Many thanks Marathow both for the trail and the initiative to brings us together.

AT THE PUB: Whilst I don’t recall an official toast to the Queen’s seventy years, it was implicit in our post-run enjoyment. The pub dog was also on fine form, virtually inhaling someone’s Sunday lunch as we sourced some rather fine Timothy Taylors to wash down the chips and respect the instructions, ‘not to feed the dog’. No matter, said pooch was hungry again soon  enough, as he promptly deposited whatever he’d been eating for the preceding hour on to the saloon carpet! Thankfully we were stationed outside fully digesting what had gone on during our preceding hour and enjoying swapping hashing anecdotes. A fine end to a right royal weekend. On on

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