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Logging In
Add a new Run Report / Post

Logging In

1. Whilst anyone can view the new website, you will need to be registered to comment, or create a new post. Username/password details from the former website will not work. For privacy purposes only hash names will ever be used as usernames. To register, email ph3 [DOT] pistoffen [AT] gmail [DOT] com with the following:

i) Your hash name
ii) Your email address (if different from the address you are emailing from)
iii) An image (or link to image) if you want a hashname avatar (optional)

An automated email will be sent to you once registration is complete, enclosing your username & temporary password.

2. Go to

3. Scroll down to bottom of right sidebar and click Log In

4. Enter your username & password (Don’t worry if you see a pop-up message saying this connection is unsecure)

5. You are now logged in. Your default password can also be changed. You can now comment at the bottom of any post, or create your own post.

Add a new Run Report / Post

1. Once logged in, move the mouse over +New and click on Post

2. Enter a title for the new Post. NB the format for a Run Report is: Run Report XXXX: Pub, Village.

3. If you wish to add photos, you have two options:
i) Featured Image – If you wish to upload a new photo to be the top main photo. Click

4. You can then write your post in the big white box under the icon buttons. If you are copying & pasting your content from somewhere else, be sure to first toggle to the Text tab, and then paste your content. This will ensure any imported text is clean of all formatting which may be incompatible with the website. By toggling back to Visual tab, you can then add spacing, bold, italics etc using the icons above. The general guide is TITLE, Scribed By, AT THE PUB and VERDICT are all in bold, and TITLE is also in blockquote (” symbol) and Scribed by is aligned right. Look at a recent run report to see the general format.

4. Choose a single Categories checkbox for your post.

5. Under Publish, [Edit if changing the posting date], click Publish.